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I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found
no, my dad and uncle didn't need therapy. They drank, thank you very much. All right, all right, I'll start a fresh paragraph.

Desmond assumes wherever Faucke's taking him, there's probably a very bright light. Faucke asks why he figures that. Des: "Oh, just a hunch." Then there's this funny noise. Faucke turns to Ben: "What was that?" Ben's face is all Desmond cut the cheese, as he says, "What was what?" After Faucke turns, Ben reaches in his pocket and switches off the walkie he snagged from Widmore.

New Otherton Outskirts: Miles' efforts to reach Ben on the walkie are to no avail, so he wakes up Richard who is totally alive. Hooray! They decide to take the C4 to Hydra Island and blow up that plane.

Sideways: Detective Miles Straume is just getting out of his car at the concert venue, when he sees Hugo and Sayid drive by. Miles calls and reports this to his partner, Detective James Ford, on account of the fact that they think Sayid popped four people in cold blood, which is totally not true. He popped three of them in the heat of the moment and Jin took care of the fourth. Jim says it's not possible, since he shipped Sayid off to county. Miles informs him he called there first; Sayid never showed up. Jim will head over to St. Sebastian's to interview the survivor -- Ms. Paik. "Enjoy your concert, Enos. I'll keep her safe."

Hospital; Sun's room: The roses on Sun's nightstand are white, not yellow. Jin and Sun are trying to decide what to do once she's discharged and whether they can keep running from the long arm of Daddy Paik, when they're interrupted by her doctor. It's JULIET! She can see from Sun's record that they don't speak English so she gets right down to doing an ultrasound. As soon as Juliet touches the transducer to her patient's abdomen, the deja vu brings on Sun's flashbacks. The first thing she remembers is Juliet giving her an ultrasound on Craphole. When Sun gasps, Juliet asks if she's okay as Jin jumps to his feet. Sun cries tears of joy as she (in Korean) says, "I remember." When she realizes Jin's not quite there yet, she is speechless, but when Juliet points at the monitor and says, "There it is; there's your baby," Jin's head springs up. Now it's his turn. He sees: Himself freezing Sun out on the beach, and beaten and bloodied at Michael's hand. Their reunion after the fateful raft trip. Cozying up in their shelter at night and stroking her still flat pregnant belly. Their visions merge. There's newborn Ji Yeon. Jin on the freighter. Sun on the helicopter. The explosion. Their three-years-in-the-making reunion on Hydra Island. Their deaths in the bowels of the submarine.

Once the visions end, Jin flops back in his chair as the suddenly-legless are wont to do. In Korean, Sun asks, "Did you see?" Jin nods and grunts. Juliet asks, "Do you see the little flutter, right there? That's the baby's heartbeat. Perfectly perfect in every way." She tells them she has the amnio results and that all is well -- she can even tell them the baby's sex if they'd like to know. Okay, nitpick. Amniocentesis is done in conjunction with an ultrasound. Don't take my word for it. I know, I know, small thing to take me out of such a beautiful moment, but it did, just the same. You doctors need to play along with this healthcare reform thang. Sun turns to Jin and speaks in English. "It's a girl." Juliet's eyebrows go up, because it totally is. Jin tells the good doctor: "Her name is Ji Yeon." Juliet: "That's a lovely name, and for the record, you two speak English just fine." They laugh as she congratulates them and leaves the room. Once they're alone, Jin leans forward and presses his forehead against Sun's. This is the third time I cry. Commercial.

Sawyer runs through the jungle to catch up with Jack, Kate and Hurley. He updates them on Faucke's plan to destroy the island and (sit down for this next part) then says, "You were right, Doc." Oh, Sawyer you handsome thing. I'm so proud of you. The Island must be nearly done with you, now. He doesn't have time for my positive reinforcement. He's too concerned that Faucke will find Desmond before they do, but Jack says it doesn't matter. "We're all going to the same place, anyway." Sawyer: "Then what?" ["We saved the world. I say we party." --Buffy] Jack nods for a moment. "Then it ends." When he marches off, his friends wait a moment. Kate falls in line first, then Hurley, and finally Sawyer. Same as it ever was.

Sideways: Dr. Jack Shephard finds his patient John Locke in some pre-op hallway. While they're chewing the fat, Locke asks Jack if he's sure this will work. Jack: "Well, there's always the chance that I could kill you, but I'm trying to make you feel better." Amused, Locke says "Let's do it." Jack: "All right. I'll see you on the other side." Jack, thankfully, has no plans to sucker Locke out of a kidney. Before he leaves, Locke asks if they ever found his father's remains. Jack just got the phone call this morning. Locke: "Well, I hope that brings you some peace." Jack: "If I can fix you, Mr. Locke, that's all the peace I'll need." Oh Jack, if you only knew. Here's hoping the fix is in, in both realities, baby.

Islandways; Dock: Richard and Miles are loading their gear into the outrigger when the writers decide we need more foreshadowing. Richard: "It's going to be a hell of a storm." Miles points to his own head as he non sequiturs: "Welcome to the club." Richard has a grey hair! Miles plucks it out to show him. Richard smiles. "I think I just realized that I wanna live." Huh. A couple of centuries of youth, wasted on the young.

We cut to the guys out on the water. They're startled when a bobbing body smashes into their boat. Damn, he looks like David Fury. Perhaps this is the fulfillment of the fabled master plan False alarm. It's just the corpse of one of the sub crew members. But then a chesty voice cries out to them from a little bit away. It's FRANK, which we knew had to happen. He couldn't have died on the sub; the island isn't done with him yet, because it wants him to fly home those with whom it is done in a non-deadly way. Er... I'm guessing. After they give Frank some water, he asks what they're doing out there. Richard tells him they're going to Hydra to blow up the plane... "because the Black Smoke wants to get off the island. We have to stop that thing from leaving." Frank: "Well, if we leave, that thing won't have a plane anymore." Richard: "Yeah, and how we gonna do that?" Frank: Did you not read what Cindy just wrote...er... "In case you haven't noticed, I'm a pilot." Miles, who has actually flown with Frank, laughs like this is a delightful surprise.

Treeline: Faucke exits the jungle followed by Ben and a limping Desmond. They meet Sawyer, Kate, Jack and Hurley on a grassy slope. As Faucke says that it's going to be interesting, Kate grabs Sawyer's gun and starts firing at Faucke, yelling, "You killed them." Des and Ben drop to the ground, but Faucke walks right the faucke toward her. After she fires five shots Sawyer manages to wrest the gun away. Faucke: "You might want to save your bullets." Khaters: For yourself.

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