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I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found

Sanctuary: The Foundaways are hugging one another willy-nilly, except for Shannon and Sayid who remain together like they've just consummated their reunion in the aisle. As Jack steps in to join his people, we cut to...

Island: Bloodied and broken, Jack Shephard takes his last jungle trek.

Sanctuary: John Locke is the first to greet Jack with a handshake and a clap on the back. "We've been waiting for ya." Jack laughs and looks around for someone better to talk to. What?

Island: Jack's nose is bleeding.

Sanctuary: Penny and Desmond see Jack, next. Des folds him in his arms. Jack spots Boone, who is just hugging Sawyer (?!). I'm glad to see Boone, but it makes me sad for him that he's there -- that these people were the most important to him. If we discount his disturbing relationship with his step-sister, the only person he was semi-close to was Locke, who led him to his death, in order to give the Island the sacrifice he thought it was demanding. Ugh. Let's forget all that for now and look at the pretty.

Island: Jack makes his way to the bamboo grove. He passes by Christian's white canvas sneaker, now black with mildew and rotting away.

Sanctuary: Hurley sweeps Jack up off his feet in a patented bear hug. Jack glows.

Island: Jack tries to catch his breath amidst the bamboo.

Sanctuary: Sayid, Shannon, Sun, Charlie and Claire coo over newborn Aaron whose presence there makes not one bit of sense and you will be hearing more about that, but still, so sweet. I see Bernard and Rose somewhere in there, too. The camera pans over to Sawyer who's just embracing Jack. When they pull apart, Kate looks at Jack with a knowing grin. As she approaches him, Jack's face seems to say finally. She grabs his hand.

Island: Jack sees just the spot he's looking for in the bamboo grove.

Sanctuary: Kate and Jack smile at each other. As she leads him by the hand, she bites her lip. Excuse me? We saw Sayid and Shannon sucking face for umpteen hours and we get no Jack/Kate reunion kiss. Are you kidding me?

Island: Jack knows this is where he came in. He lies down right where he first landed on Craphole. There are more back and forths to the Sanctuary, but they're of no import. There's a bark in the distance. When dear old Vincent appears, Jack smiles. Vincent approaches Jack, licks his hand, and lies down beside him. Jack will not die alone.

Sanctuary: Christian opens the doors to reveal a blinding light.

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