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Back on the island, Mercutio and Locke come across Vincent's dropped leash. They hear Walt's voice yelling in the distance and start running towards the sound.

Back at palatial Casa Bryan Porter, Mercutio's come to collect Walt, whom the nanny says will be home any minute from school. She gives Mercutio some of Susan's personal effects. "There's something else," she says, and takes a wooden box out of a cabinet. It's the box Mercutio was looking through last episode. "What's that?" says Mercutio. "Something I think Walt should have," and the nanny who's said too much abruptly walks off down the hall. Mercutio opens the box and thumbs through its contents -- all the letters he sent Walt over the years. Plus several Pottery Barn catalogues!

We hear in the distance Vincent barking at the nanny telling Walt that there's someone here to see him. Mercutio looks absolutely terrified as he walks down the hall.

And speaking of absolutely terrified, Mercutio's tearing through the jungle, as Walt's screams and the sounds of the roaring grow. I can't help but think that everyone might calm down a little to the soothing sounds of a little Creedence, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Walt's found that magic tight grove of trees that only humans are able to penetrate, and not the predators who are much larger and stronger than they are -- in this case, one of the Coca-Cola polar bears, who's really, really pissed off.

Flashback again, to Casa Porter. Mercutio finds Walt playing with Vincent by the pool on the magnificent patio. "Hey, Walt," he says. Walt looks up. "Who are you?" he says. It takes Mercutio a long while to introduce himself as Walt's father. Walt looks really confused. Mercutio forges ahead, expressing his sympathy for Walt's losing his mother. "You should know that we loved each other very much when we had you," says Mercutio, although I can't say we saw a lot of evidence that Susan loved Mercutio. Mercutio explains that he's come to take Walt home with him. "I'm not going anywhere with you," says Walt, which means at least he's been brought up right. Swallowing his pride, Mercutio lies and says Bryan loves Walt very much and wants him to stay, but it's not up to Bryan; Mercutio is Walt's legal guardian, he says. "It's not like he's going to disappear from your life. He'll still call you, write you, come to see you whenever he can." (I'm not quite sure that it's a good idea to lie to Walt about that, however.) And hey, says Mercutio, you'll still be able to have your dog. But this is Bryan's dog, says Walt. Mercutio barely misses a beat: "Bryan said you could have him," he says, doing his best not to smile. Heh.

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