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As Susan pushes his wheelchair around the hospital, Mercutio wants to know what she's doing there, and she says she came to see him. He jokes about looking pretty good, and with a little exposition we learn that he'll recover completely after a year of physical therapy, which Mercutio is less than jazzed about. Susan says she's going to cover all his medical bills, which surprises him. But he figures out that something's up. She tells him that she and Bryan are getting married, and they're moving to Italy because Bryan's going to head up the firm's Rome office. "Sounds like Bryan is on a roll," says Mercutio sarcastically, and how Susan keeps from making a joke about Mercutio rolling in his wheelchair I'll never know. "And he wants to adopt Walt," says Susan. Mercutio puts the brake on his wheelchair. "I know this is hard," she says, circling around to face him, "but just think about it." Isn't thinking about that what's making it hard for Mercutio? He's upset, but she starts throwing left and right jabs of "what's best for Walt" at him, and asks him if he's holding on for Walt's sake or his own. Ouch. Getting a lecture from Susan on selfishness? That's painful.

Back on Craphole Island, Walt's still doing such a great job keeping an eye on Mercutio that Hurley has to come up to him and say, "Dude? Your kid's gone," and explains that Walt grabbed his dog and took off. Mercutio looks defeated. "I know where he's gone," he says. Commercials.

So if I'm a high-society wannabe, I should get a camera-phone to take pictures of crappy modern art for my "designer" and I'll also enjoy the side benefit of grabbing evidence for insurance purposes? I'm sold!

Locke's sharpening one of his 400 knives in the jungle, while Boone's hanging out, waiting to do Locke's bidding; Mercutio strides up and angrily demands to know where his son is. Locke says he has no idea (and when Boone tells Mercutio to look around, Mercutio slaps him down with an "I wasn't talking to you." Heh) and that he told Walt that morning not to come around anymore. "Trying to respect your wishes," says Locke. The look on Mercutio's face as he realizes he doesn't actually know where his son is is wrenching. He sputters a little bit, but catches himself from losing it. Locke gets to his feet and says, "Let's go find your boy." Wow, Locke and Mercutio joining forces. Bet you didn't see that coming!

Charlie and Kate have found a nice secluded spot in the jungle to invade Claire's privacy. Charlie thanks Kate for her help, even though he says he could have handled things himself. "I've had my share of manly encounters," he says, which I don't think came out quite the way he intended it. Kate smiles at him and says she just figured he could use the company. "You all right?" she says. He says he is. Then he rambles about how weird it is that he's only known Claire for a week, but he's so affected by her disappearance. "Every day she's gone, it feels like bits of me are crumbling, or something." Kate says she thinks it's right that Charlie keep Claire's stuff safe until she comes back. Well, then, QUIT MOVING IT, Kate. She gives him a reassuring pat on the leg, and gets up. Charlie watches her, likely thinking, "Well, Claire's gone, but Kate's a little bit o' all right, yeah?" And now begins the hour-long fidget of Charlie as he tries to keep himself from reading her diary. And it's well-acted and funny and everything, but feels horribly out of context. Bits of Charlie are crumbling with Claire's absence (pregnant and kidnapped, let's not forget, by people for reasons we don't know and who almost killed Charlie), yet this is played like a seventh-grader who finds his crush's diary and wants to find out if he's mentioned.

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