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I Can See How Ugly She'll Be When She's Old (The Psychic's Lament)
Out inna jungle, Hugo approaches Ethan and misnames him "Lance." Ethan cracks a joke -- not that one, a different one -- and tells Hugo his name is Ethan Rom and he's from Ontario. Hugo tries to come up with something nice to say about Canada, fails, and saunters away, but not before Ethan asks, "What's this for?" "Just thought it'd be a good idea," Hugo replies.

The Caves I'm Giving Up On Ever Finding a Good Name For. Jack approaches Claire. He lacks a little something doctors like to call bedside manner, because what he should say is something like: "Hey, I know that attack was as scary as hell and seemed totally real, but pregnant women often have anxiety nightmares that are terrifying and seem real. I know you don't want to hear this, because it was so realistic, but I am pretty certain that's what happened to you. It's nothing to be embarrassed about -- it happens to women in the best of circumstances, and being stuck on an island with a bunch of yahoos and one doctor who despite seeming perfect in every way is actually a lousy leader hardly qualifies as the best of circumstances. I will still make sure you're looked after, and if anyone does try and go after you, I'll make sure we'll get them, but you can feel a little safer now. And to help prevent early labor, I'd suggest you take this sedative." Instead, Jack basically frames the diagnosis in terms of Claire being loopy as a loon and him having to sedate her as a result. This is why, it is rapidly being revealed, Hugo is a better leader than Jack -- a deftly handled revelation that is one of my favorite parts of this episode. She gets rightfully angry and storms off; Charlie sees her going and asks Jack what he said to her.

Flashback. Claire knocks on Evil Colm Meaney's door and asks him to read her again. Inside, she pays him a bunch of Monopoly money and asks, "If you're a psychic, how come you have to count it?" "That's not how it works," he replies. "How does it work?" she asks. "I don't know," he honestly says. He takes her hands and divines that Thomas Kinkade left her like a punk. But that wasn't what he saw before that scared him so; he says last time he saw something blurry, and "blurry's bad." E. Colm looks like he's working out a quadratic equation in his head while also passing a kidney stone. "It is crucial," he says, "that you yourself raise this child." Claire asks about Thomas, but E. Colm says he's unimportant. "Danger surrounds this child," he says urgently. "Your nature, your spirit, your goodness must be an influence" for the baby. He gets more and more frantic as Claire says she's putting the baby up for adoption; he gives Claire her money back and continues to insist how important it is that she raise the child. She flees the psychic's Well-Appointed Living Room of Mystery.

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