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Flippin' The Bird

Charlie is just putting Aaron to sleep in his cradle when Claire storms up to him and demands to know what is going on with him. Um, Claire? He wasn't the one scaring the birds away. And he was just putting your baby to sleep. Shut up for a second? Maybe? Charlie points out that he wasn't with Desmond, and Claire says he is lying and she doesn't want her baby around liars. What happened to the Charlie from this morning? The one who wanted to go on picnics? The one who wanted to seize the day? He asks Claire if she wants the truth. She rolls her eyes while Charlie declares that the thing she saw on the bird probably wasn't a tag. It was probably nothing, and he doesn't want to advocate false hope. Did the writers just completely forget that they had this storyline just a few short weeks ago? Remember Bernard and Rose? I know they are not on every episode, but come on! Claire is as understandably irritated by this statement as Bernard was. Then, just like Bernard, she tells Charlie that she thought he was on her side. He was supposed to be there for her. And he's not, so she is on her own and at least she knows that now, so Charlie needs to go. Now! Charlie tries to argue, but Claire is having none of it.

Dark Claire walks into the hospital. The nurses greet her as she comes in, and they say that they like her new doctor. She has no idea what doctor they are talking about. They explain that they like the American doctor who is in with her mom. Claire walks into her mom's room and meets the mysterious American doctor who is crouched next to Claire's comatose mom. As Claire enters, the American doctor turns to face her. It is, of course, Jack's Dad. Claire does not know the importance of this. It is exclusively for the viewing audience's pleasure. Or disgust. Claire stammers, "Um, excuse me, the nurse said... .Are you a doctor?" Jack's Dad stands up, stares meaningfully at Claire, and says yes. Aunt Bitchy comes in just in time to yell at Jack's Dad. "What are you doing here? If my sister knew you were here!" Jack's Dad tries to defend himself. "Your sister wouldn't be acting like you, Bitchy Bitch." Aunt Bitchy snarls and attacks: "You took advantage of my sister. I will kill you NOW!" Claire interrupts the throwdown to ask Aunt Bitchy what is going on and who the doctor is. Aunt Bitchy says it doesn't matter. Jack's Dad thinks it does and that Aunt Bitchy should tell her. They start yelling over each other. You are not the arbiter here! You are taking advantage of my sister! You should tell her! You should just go! She has a right to know! Can't you just leave us alone? Claire interrupts just as things are getting good: "Are you the one paying the bills? Are you the one taking care of all this?" "Yes." "Then who are you?" "I'm your father Claire." Ack! What? Oh no. Oh Jack-sus! Will the writers never stop? My phone is ringing again. Hello? Is that you, Mr. Conspiracy Theory Guy? It's hard to tell what you are saying what with all the heavy breathing and giggling you are doing. What's that? You just wet yourself? Oh. Well, thanks for calling.

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