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Flippin' The Bird

Back in the Field of Mystery, Kate wants to know what it is and walks up to touch one of the giant cement tower things. But like a mom in a museum, Sayid grabs her arm and drags her back, telling her not to touch anything. Kate glares at him. Sayid tries to get Patch to tell him what it is. Patch, of course, asks Sayid what he thinks it is. Geez, answering a question with a question must have been Lesson no. 1 in the Other Training Manual. Sayid thinks it is an alarm system that surrounds the perimeter of the Barracks. The sensors trigger an alarm if anyone passes between the pylons. They will just have to go around. Patch confirms that it was a security perimeter, but Patch claims that like everything else on the Island, it doesn't work anymore. Sayid snorts, yeah, right, it doesn't work. Patch totally pinkie swears, though! Besides, the pylons surround the entire Barracks, so they can't just go around. They have to go through, and if they don't believe him, look at the map. Sayid pulls out the map and sighs. Patch is telling the truth. Locke throws down his backpack, grabs Patch by the scruff of his neck, and throws him through the security perimeter. Sayid yells, but it is too late. Patch turns to face them and says, "Thank you." Then he dies. He foams at the mouth, his ears bleed, and he drops like a pallet of food. Everyone looks shocked. Locke shrugs and says, "Sorry." But let me tell you, he does not look sorry. Not at all.

Sayid stares at Patch and assesses that it looks like he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. Kate demands to know why Locke did it, because they needed Patch so they could trade for Jack. Locke says there was no way that the Others would trade him for Jack. Kate yells that he doesn't know that. Locke says she doesn't know it either, but what they do know is that Patch was willing to kill Miss Klugh rather than end up here as a prisoner, so he is sticking with his opinion. Kate says that they could have discussed it, but Locke points out that no one asked his opinion when they brought Patch along. Locke gets all snotty and says, "Pardon me for not knowing that they had a sonic weapon fence. I didn't know he was going to die. Why does everyone blame me?" Sayid and the rest of us want to know why Locke is really here. He is obviously not here for Jack. Locke wants to talk about it later. He'd rather focus, for now, on how they are going to get through the security fence. Kate has a plan. They aren't going through the fence, they are going over it. All she needs is the axe. Sayid says the axe is in Locke's bag. Locke tries to grab the bag before they do, which Kate and Sayid take as mildly suspicious. They grab the bag and, lo and behold, the bag has a giant c-4 pack apparently ripped out of the basement of the station. Sayid and Kate look shocked. Sayid says he thought Locke didn't know there was any C-4. Locke smirks and says he stands corrected. "Why did you take it?" Locke just smiles and says, "Well, you never know when some c-4 might come in handy." Which is true, but with that logic they should have taken the horse, the cow, the clothing, the medical supplies, the guns, the Dharma materials, the computer, the satellite dish, and everything else in the damn station! Sayid and I sigh. You'll have to do better than that, Mr. Locke. Everyone stares at him until the scene ends.

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