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Flippin' The Bird

At the hospital, Dark Claire has gotten dressed in a mini skirt, combat boots, and sling. Someone is there demanding to know where she was. She says that she went home to take a shower because they said her mother was still in surgery. The angry woman in the corner glares at Claire and says she's glad that Claire is feeling refreshed. Claire looks abashed but explains that she had glass in her hair and then calls the woman Aunt Lindsay. Aunt? That's your aunt? Good grief woman, your niece was just in a car accident that may have killed her mother! Is this really the time to be a bitchy bitch? No, it is not. Take a deep breath. Count to ten. Get about seven years of therapy and start over. A doctor walks in and asks if Claire is the daughter. Claire nods. The doctor introduces himself. Claire asks how her mother is. The doctor says that they were able to stabilize the immediate injury, but they won't know the extent of the damage until later. However, they are looking at fairly widespread injuries. Aunt Bitchy glowers at the doctor while Claire asks what that means exactly. The doctor explains that the machines are the only things keeping her alive right now. Claire doesn't accept that. It won't always be like that will it? When she wakes up—the doctor cuts her off. He can't say with any confidence that she will wake up. Claire has nothing to say to that and goes to sit next to her mother. Can she hear us? The doctor likes to think so. Aunt Bitchy asks how long she will be like that? The doctor doesn't know. It could be a day, a week, a month, or even a year. But he'll be there for you! She'll be well looked after. Aunt Bitchy totally lives up to her name by asking how much this is going to cost her. The doctor says not to worry. Australia has universal health care. Oh wait, no he doesn't. Instead he says, "Don't worry her expenses have already been taken care of." Claire wants to know who is taking care of the expenses. But the doctor has been asked to keep that confidential. Everyone looks confused. Except Aunt Bitchy. She looks mad.

Back on the Island, Light Claire, Jin, and Sun are all crouched in the bushes, about to catch a bird. They are ready to pull the trap, and everyone is tense with anticipation, when shots ring out and frighten off all the birds. Claire inexplicably ignores the gunshot and runs straight towards the contraption. Maybe she wants to make sure those birds are good and scared? Jin, much more sensibly, stays in the bushes and looks around for the gun. Desmond stumbles out of the bushes and begins to apologize profusely. Jin charges out of the bushes, yelling profusely in Korean. Claire and Sun run up to help Jin yell. Desmond claims he was chasing a boar and had no idea they were there. Claire wants to know where Charlie is. He is back at camp. So, it is just Desmond trying to ruin their fun, eh? Claire gets her conspiracy theory hat out, plants it firmly on her head, and asks Desmond where the boar is. He explains that it got away. She looks skeptical. She demands to know why Desmond and Charlie don't want her to catch a bird. Desmond scoffs at the idea, but Claire looks wisely doubtful as she stomps away.

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