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Flippin' The Bird

Claire's head is being stitched up in hospital. As the doctor finishes, Officer Not-So Friendly comes in to ask her some questions about the accident. What happened? A truck forced them off the road. Who was driving? Claire was. Have you told your father? He died when Claire was two. The officer is sorry to hear that. He checked with the truck driver, who is fine by the way, the truck driver said that when you hit him... Claire interrupts to say that the truck hit them. What speed was she going? He just came out of nowhere. "That wasn't the question I asked." Claire says she doesn't know how fast she was going and demands to know why he is asking those questions. He explains that it is standard procedure when there is a fatality. Claire snarls that her mother is not dead. She is in surgery. "This is not my fault!" The officer does not say it was. He does say good day, though.

Back on the trail, Kate is bending down to get water, as is Rousseau. Kate studies Rousseau for a minute (yeah, that's how long I lasted in Philosophy 101, too) and states: "I told you that your daughter was living with them." Non sequiter much, Kate? Why hasn't Rousseau asked her any questions about her daughter? "Your friend Jack, you care about him, yes?" Non sequiter much, Rousseau? Kate looks wildly suspicious, squints at Rousseau, and slowly answers yes. Rousseau continues, "What if 16 years from now you found out he was still alive, but you know there is no way he remembers you or even remember that you care about him?" Kate and Rousseau stare searchingly into each other's eyes for a long, long time. Rousseau gets up and explains that she has not asked any questions about her daughter because she does not want to know the answers. I guess this answer satisfies Kate because she gets up and they join the others on the path. As they continue on their nature walk, Kate starts grilling Patch. "How did you get here?" Rousseau tells them once again not to bother because everything he says will be a lie. Patch ignores her and says that he was recruited when he was 24. "I was approached by..." Kate cuts him off because she didn't ask "when" she asked "how." Patch says he was brought on a submarine. I wonder how many privately owned submarines there are in the world? I wonder if the guy who started Ikea owns one? I would if I were a billionaire with a vast economically-hip furniture enterprise. Kate sighs, "So your people can come and go as they please, huh?" Patch says yes, until two weeks ago when their underwater signaling beacon stopped working. There was an event. Like a party? No, like an electromagnetic pulse. It would not be possible to come back. Sayid looks very interested in this tidbit. Kate, however, is scratching her head wondering why would you want to come back? Patch says that she wouldn't understand. Kate gets in his face and demands that he try her. Patch says that he misspoke. What he meant to say was that she is not capable of understanding. Why not? Because she is not on the List. What list?!

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