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Flippin' The Bird

Claire has her bird in hand. She is bringing it to Charlie as a peace offering. Look what Desmond found! Charlie notices that the bird is tagged and that Claire was right. Claire confesses that Desmond told her everything about his visions. How Charlie was going to be struck by lightning. How he was going to drown trying to rescue her. How Charlie died over and over again doing stuff for her. It is so romantic. Sigh. Charlie giggles and says, "You don't believe all that do you?" They smile at each other.

Light Claire is pregnant in the hospital visiting her still comatose, still hooked-up-to-machines mother. She asks her mother who turned off her nature shows. Don't they know how much you like them? Ah, the tie in. She turns the telly back on, fixes her mom's hospital gown, and asks her how she is today. She takes a deep breath and tells her that she is pregnant. Don't yell! She knows she should have told her a long time ago. But, gee mom, calm down! Don't cry! She is giving it away. It is for the best. She wishes... but doesn't know how her mom did it. Raising her alone. And she was just awful! She had dyed black hair. She wore combat boots and pierced innocent girls' ears. She is so sorry now. She is so sorry about all the terrible things she said to her moyher in the car. How she said she hated her and wished she wasn't her mother. The accident was all her fault and she is so sorry. She's crying and apologizing for everything and saying she will see her soon, and if this was an after-school special her mom would definitely wake up out of the coma now and they would hug and raise the baby together. But this is Lost so we just cut scene and go back to the beach.

It is sunset on the beach, and Charlie is reading the note Claire has written. It says: "To Whom it May Concern: We are survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. We have survived on this Island for 80 days. Six hours into the flight, the pilot said we were off course and to turn back towards Fiji. We hit turbulence and crashed. We have been waiting here all this time. Waiting for rescue that has not come. We do not know where we are, we only know you have not found us. We have done our best to live on this Island. Some of us have come to accept that we may never leave it. Not all of us have survived since the crash, but there is new life too and with it there is hope. We are alive. Please don't give up on us." Charlie says it is perfect. But that is because he wants to get into her pants. I think the note is incredibly freakin' long to be tied to a bird's leg. The note is also written on paper and does not appear to be nearly as water-resistant as one might hope for something that will be tied to the leg of a sea bird. Maybe they just should have written the note on the damn bird! I'm sure they have a Sharpie somewhere on the Island. And why just one bird? Why not capture a bunch of them and tie notes on all their legs? Good grief. I'm going back out to the car door.

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