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La Vie En Fleur

Sawyer tells Horace he wants to talk to "your buddy out there, with the eyeliner." Aw, more fan-service. Horace, though, wants to keep Richard all to himself, and who can blame him? Sawyer's not keen on taking orders from Horace, and goes right out to Richard. "Hello, Richard." Richard asks if they know one another, so Sawyer says, "I'm the guy that killed your men. Heard some gunshots. Saw two men throwing a bag over a woman's head. Gave them a chance to throw the weapons down and walk away." Lost my pronouns. "One of them took a shot at me, and I defended myself." Got 'em back. Richard wants to know if Sawyer's "people" know he's telling them this. Sawyer says, "They aren't my people, Hoss. So if you got some kind of truce with them, it ain't been broken." I wonder if Richard was off-island enough in the '60s to get the Bonanza reference. Richard wants to know what Sawyer is, if he's not a member of the Dharma Initiative. Sawyer smiles and sits next to Richard on the bench. "Did you bury the bomb?" Richard's all the huh now? Sawyer says, "The hydrogen bomb with 'Jughead' written on the side. Did you bury it?" Richard stares into Sawyer's eyes. They make out. No, wait. That was fan fic. Sorry. Richard stares into Sawyer's eyes. Sawyer says, "Yeah, I know about it. I also know that 20 years ago, some bald fella limped into your camp and fed you some mumbo jumbo about being your leader, and then poof... he went and disappeared right in front of ya. Any of this ringin' a bell? That man's name is John Locke. I'm waiting for him to come back." A beat... "So, you still think I'm a member of the damned Dharma Initiative?" Richard guesses not, but regardless, his own people will be expecting some justice for their two dead men. He asks Sawyer, "Now what are we gonna do about that?"

We cut to... I don't know -- is that a morgue? A hospital room? Amy's house? The mess hall? Wherever it is, Paul has been laid out and Amy's watching over his corpse. Horace explains they told Richard where the bodies are buried and now they need to hand over Paul's corpse to take back to Richard's people. Amy is understandably horrified, so Horace lays a silken guilt trip on her. Blah blah we've been friends a long time. Blah blah Paul would want to maintain the truce. Blah blah it's totally your decision though and blah blah we'll accept the consequences if you decide to risk your entire community for a blah. So, of course, she gives in. She just needs a minute more alone with Paul, during which she removes the ankh pendent from his neck. She leaves in tears and Sawyer whispers, "I'm sorry," then offers Horace his help. Horace is all set, but he's so grateful for what James has done that he says he and his people can stick around for two weeks, until the next sub (after tomorrow's) and look for the rest of their crew during that time.

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