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La Vie En Fleur

Miles, Juliet, Daniel and Jin are sitting at an outdoor table, while Miles complains about how screwed they are letting Sawyer be their spokesman. "He's probably trying to explain time travel by now." Juliet tells him Sawyer will do fine, but she's distracted, as she then explains, because she lived here for three years and can see her house from where they're sitting. Jin turns to Daniel, "Daniel... No more flash?" Daniel says, "No more flash. The record is spinning again. We're just not on the song we wanna be on." They contemplate one another until they hear a little toddler girl talking. "Where's Dad?" Her mother rushes her along, so she runs across the courtyard in her little red dress, red hair flying in the breeze, then turns toward Daniel and waves. She runs off, and he says, "Charlotte," in case we missed that. Thank you for your assistance, Daniel. We got it. You go back to being broken. Horace returns Sawyer to the group and says someone will be around in a few to show them to their rooms, but in the meantime, "Mr. LaFleur will fill them in on the situation." He does, and Miles struggles to understand how getting shipped from Craphole to Tahiti is bad news. Before Sawyer can answer, an alarm sounds all over the compound. Floodlights flash on. People holler and rush to their cabins. Phil the no-fun-security guard brings them into a house and tells the armed woman in it -- Heather -- to keep an eye on them. Heather goes back to looking out her kitchen window, so Sawyer and Juliet look out the living room window, while Miles, Daniel and Jin stand around waiting for their cue from the director.

A torchlight in the jungle seems to be moving closer to the Dharma compound. Finally the man holding it appears. He stakes the torch in the ground like it's Braveheart's sword, then strolls across the quad. Sawyer and Juliet realize it's Richard (the Eyelinered Shanks), and Sawyer says, "Uh oh." Commercial. What a crappy time for a commercial.

Horace walks out to greet Richard and says he would have turned off the fence if he'd known Richard was coming. Personally, I would have baked a cake. Richard says, "That fence may keep other things out, but not us." 'Cause he likes my cake. "The only thing that does keep us out, Horace, is our truce... which you've now broken." No cake for you, Horace. Horace plays dumb, while Richard persists in knowing where his two men are, and we cut to the gang inside Heather's cabin. Miles says, "Getting on that sub is starting to sound like a great idea. What do you say? Sub, anyone?" The camera pans to Juliet and Jin, who are standing with arms crossed, which ruins my fantasy of them raising their hands. Sawyer says, "Hold your horses, Banzai. No one's getting on a sub." Just then, Horace and Phil return, wanting to know how well our Strand-aways buried the bodies. Sawyer says, "Well, that depends on how hard he looks." So Horace starts giving orders to Phil which basically amount to crank up the fence to vaporize and set condition one throughout the ship.

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