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La Vie En Fleur

Jin meets Sawyer outside. He's now fluent in English, thank goodness, and Sawyer catches him up on Amy's situation and her new OB/GYN. He then asks Jin if he's had any luck. Jin says, "We finished grid 1-3-3 today. No sign of our people." Sawyer says it's time to move on to 1-3-4, then. Jin wants to know how long they will look. Sawyer says, "As long as it takes." Juliet exits the building in tears. Sawyer and Jin rise to meet her and ask what happened. Juliet says, "It's a boy." She adds that everyone is okay and we fade to black. Commercial.

This time, there's no title card, but because Sawyer is still wearing Frogurt's shirt we can tell it is three years earlier. Sawyer wakes on a couch and Horace asks him, "How's your head?" Sawyer says it hurts, but he's far more interested in learning where his people are. Horace says they're fine and adds, "Amy told me what happened in the jungle, and I really ah-prish-shate what you did." Really? Ah-prish-shate? And why does that make me flash on Dave Thomas? No matter. Sawyer says, "Well, you got a funny way of showing your appreciation," and enunciates that last word clearly, but doesn't emphasize it like I would, because I'm still stuck on ahprishate. Horace blah blahs about their defense protocol and the hostile indigenous people on the island, then asks Sawyer who he is. Sawyer says, "My name's James LaFleur. You can call me Jim." He wants to know why Horace is asking him all these questions if his friends really are safe, but Horace says they said he should talk to Sawyer (LaFleur) -- he's the captain. They really are letting him do the talking? Who'da thunk? Sawyer says they were on a salvage vessel, searching for a famous wreck called the Black Rock -- an old slaver out of Portsmouth, England (oh, he's good). They must have hit a reef. Their ship wrecked, and thankfully they washed up on shore. Horace says he's never heard of the Black Rock, but he says it the way everyone says everything on this island -- so you can't tell whether or not he's lying. Sawyer explains that they were wandering around the jungle looking for missing crew when they came across Amy. Horace says if he sees Sawyer's crew, he'll send them on after him, but he's shipping Sawyer, Juliet, et al off the island in the submarine first thing in the morning. It will drop them in Tahiti, and they're on their own from there. Sawyer tries to get a week or two out of Horace, for time to search for their missing shipmates, but Horace won't budge. "Only people that are allowed to stay on this compound are members of the Dharma Initiative. And look, I don't want you to take this the wrong way please, Jim, but you are not Dharma material." Heh. No offense taken, I'm sure.

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