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La Vie En Fleur

Sawyer assesses this situation. "Okay. Swell. Until Dan checks back in, I say we head back to the beach. When Locke gets back with everybody, that's where they'll be looking for us."

Miles says, "The beach? What, you didn't get enough flaming arrows shot at you? And your camp is gone. Why bother?" Juliet supports Sawyer's decision, but Miles isn't done. "Or maybe when we get there, you'll... you'll wanna go back to the Orchid again. And then when that gets boring, we can head back to the beach. It's the only two plans you people have." Oh honey, was that fan-service? Where were you a couple of seasons ago, when there were no plans at all? Sawyer's had enough squawking from the peanut gallery and makes it clear he's moving on, and Miles can come with, or have fun by his lonesome, then he stomps off. Juliet looks at Miles, who says, "Who put him in charge?" Jin doesn't say anything, but I bet that's because he's still working on his English.

The Strand-aways walk through the jungle. Somehow Miles is now in the lead, walking loudly and carrying a small stick. Oooh, so close, sweetie. As they bring up the rear, Sawyer thanks Juliet for having his back on his beach suggestion. She notes he should thank her, because the beach trek is a stupid idea. I like her so much better when she's like this than when she's playing Galadriel. She and Sawyer flirt back and forth for a minute, but their conversation is interrupted by two gun shots. Kate's back already? Oh, no, it's not Kate, but there is a woman yelling for Paul, and pleading with two men, saying they were just walking through "this park." Sawyer and Juliet ready their rifles and steal through the brush to spy on the scene. The two men have shot a third man dead, and are placing a burlap sack over the woman's head. When Sawyer wonders who they are and what's going on, Miles makes it clear he has no desire to be a hero, and he leans on Dan for back-up. "We don't get involved, right? That's what you said." Daniel's response is less informative than anyone would like. "Doesn't matter what we do. Whatever happened, happened." Sawyer rolls his eyes. "Yeah thanks anyway, Plato. I'm going over there." He turns to Juliet. "You still got my back?" She does, so Sawyer sneaks as close to the scene as he can, then appears at the edge of the clearing. He aims his weapon and orders the two men to drop their guns. The short-haired man aims his handgun at Sawyer and gets off a shot, but takes one in the chest. Sawyer looks at his gun, confused, then looks over his shoulder to see Juliet truly does have his back. When the long-haired guy who was dealing with the woman aims at Juliet and Sawyer, Sawyer takes him down in one shot. They free the woman, and uncover her head. It's Amy (and is it just me, or does she look a teensy bit like a young Bernadette Peters in that one shot). She looks at Sawyer and asks, "Who are you?" Commercial.

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