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La Vie En Fleur

Horace must have forgotten that while sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, a stick of dynamite never is, because he's jammed the latter into his mouth. He lights it, launches it and blows up a baby tree. Oh, tree. Jerry and Phil freak, hustle Rosie out of the station and debate about whether or not they should call their boss -- LaFleur. They decide it's more likely that LaFleur will kill them for not waking him if Horace blows himself up, so they run off to his cabin. Phil knocks and we hear a grumpy, "What?" from inside, about what you'd expect at 3:00 AM. They apologize, explaining they've got a situation outside the pylons. It's half past a situation and on its way to crisis, if you ask me, but they don't. The still-faceless LaFleur wants to know what kind of situation they're talking about. They tell him about Horace's drunken antics and we zoom out to see LaFleur, who is actually Sawyer. We know for sure, because besides seeing his pretty face, we hear him say, "Son of a bitch." Accept no substitutes. Sawyer grabs a Dharma Initiative Jumpsuit with "LaFleur, Head of Security" embroidered on it, joins them outside, slams the door, and we fade to black. I'll just note here that he's the only person whose last name is on his jumpsuit.

Theme Song!

All right, I took some leeway, there. Sue me. My best TV gal will turn 12 the day this recap is published, and I just can't let it pass by unmarked. The episode aired on my birthday; the recap's being published on hers. I'm not 12, but sometimes that's hard to prove. I wonder if someone did an enjoining spell. You don't care about my Buffy obsession, though, so I'll ask you something that I wondered about during the commercials. Fellas, do you really need to be told to seek medical attention once you've been suffering from priapism for four hours? Please don't e-mail me your answers. Consider this rhetorical. It's just... four hours? Aren't you bragging through most of the first hour, getting slightly concerned as it draws to a close, and driving yourself to the hospital immediately thereafter? Gah. So anyhow, Sawer takes one of the D.I.'s VW buses, even though you know that good old boy's a Chevy Van man, and he picks up Miles, who greets him with a, "Hey, Boss." Sawyer returns with a, "Hey Enos," and I have to thank reader Joyce for clue-sticking me about that Dukes Of Hazard reference, because I just figured "Enos" was only Miles' cover name. Oh Sawyer, I love your nicknames. He makes sure "Enos" has his zapper with them, because their fearless leader is loaded and out blowing up trees. And everyone throughout the episode makes it very clear that Horace doesn't drink, so just remember Horace doesn't drink, even though it doesn't really amount to anything. I just don't want to keep repeating it. Sawyer tells Miles they're going to keep the whole incident on the down-low.

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