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La Vie En Fleur

Meanwhile, in the frozen donkey wheel chamber, Locke screams for James, or anyone who can hear him, but there's no reply (not even from Christian). He struggles to the wheel, gets it back on track and pushes it (and himself) to the wall. Before the above-ground Strand-aways can spend too long thinking about Horus, there's another flash -- the most violent so far. Afterwards, Miles describes it as being more like an earthquake, because he's a drama queen. Sawyer spies that the well is back and dives in, grabbing hold of the rope at the last second, only to realize that the well has been filled in. Juliet realizes her headache is gone. Miles says, "Mine is, too, and my nose isn't bleeding anymore." Juliet thinks "it's" all over -- that John "did it." Jin wants to know, "Now what?" Sawyer says, "Now we wait for them to come back." When Juliet asks how long, he says, "As long as it takes," because yes, this episode is going to continue to be Just. That. Dramatic.

Three years later: Someone loads a reel-to-reel tape of Tony Orlando and Dawn's song, "Candida." Who writes a song about yeast? Seriously. It's no "Knock Three Times" or "Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Ole Oak Tree," I'll tell you what. I was like 5 years old when "Ribbon" came out. I'm not even going to tell you how it used to make me cry, because this is Television Without Pity, but shut up. I mean: Bus driver, please look for me, 'cause I couldn't bear to see what I might see... Sigh. They'd frigging better not play "Sweet Gypsy Rose" until they're ready to tell us where Rose and Bernard are (we all miss ya; every night we kiss your picture), and she'd best not be stripping. What? Get back on the subject. But that was sort of about Lost. Tch, okay.

So someone loads up a reel-to-reel and we see people soon identified as Jerry (a Dharma Initiative security dude with the appropriate Arrow Station patch on his coveralls) and Rosie, shaking their collective groove thang. A less fun D.I. security guy named Phil comes in, and accuses them of having a hootenanny, but I'm thinking it's halfway between a gathering and a shindig. The important thing to note here is that Phil's groove thang hasn't been shaken in far too long, and there's a disturbing lack of brie, but Rosie did just bring some brownies. Phil's all "We're on the clock, man" and Jerry's like, "The polar bears are gonna figure a way out of their cages?" And then, Rosie notices something on one of the monitors. That something is an apparently drunken man, out by the pylons of the big, sonic fence o'death. They zoom in on him and realize the drunkard is Horace, whom we've met here and more posthumously, here.

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