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La Vie En Fleur

Three hours later...

Where were we? Oh, recap. Right. No actual time difference.

Sawyer reads a book in Horace's living room, waiting for the latter to sleep it off. He finally wakes him, and it's a nice bookend to their earlier scene when Sawyer was unconscious after crossing the sonic fence line. With his hand to his head, Horace groans as he slowly sits up. Sawyer asks him, "How's your head?" and Horace tells him it hurts. Sawyer asks if he wants the good news first, or the bad news. Horace goes with the good. I think that's the better choice. Sawyer says, "You're a daddy. The bad news is -- you missed it." Horace self-flagellates, or would if he weren't too hung-over to do so. Serves him right. I mean, I've seen some stupid drunks in my time, but none of them ever lit sticks of dynamite and blew up baby trees. Er... in my presence. Don't tell me if I'm wrong. Sawyer tells him the baby is a boy, and Horace, who is delighted, is also still hung-over, so he groans and holds his glass to his head. Sawyer asks what he and Amy could have been fighting about concerning Paul that could have inspired such a bender. Horace ran across Paul's ankh in Amy's sock drawer when he was looking to borrow a pair (take that either way), and he realized it's only been three years since Paul has been gone. "Is that really long enough to get over someone?"

Sawyer thinks for a moment, then laughs. "I had a thing for a girl once. And I had a shot at her..." But she was wearing Kevlar? The wee Sawyer who's sitting atop my scanner tells me to hush up and listen, because this is a good story. "But I didn't take it. For a little while, I'd lay in bed every night, wondering if it was a mistake, wondering if I'd ever stop thinking about her. And now I can barely remember what she looks like." Does this ring a bell? "And her face... it's... She's just gone, and she ain't never coming back. So, is three years long enough to get over someone?" He looks off for a moment, and then right at Horace. "Absolutely." Aha ha ha. Just you wait, Jimmy my boy. Oh crap, I think Horace heard me laughing, because he doesn't return Sawyer's smile.

The next morning, Sawyer and Juliet lie in bed. She's shirtless and he's not, and what's up with that, show? Please note that she's spooning him -- so even in her sleep she has his back. The phone rings, and she groans as if that will make it go away, and snuggles in closer to James. It keeps ringing, so he disentangles himself from her arms (sister needs to work on her grip, and soon, if you know what I'm sayin', and I think you do). He sits up and reaches over Juliet to answer the phone. We only hear his side of the conversation and it goes like this: "What? ... Wait, what? Ha -- no. Don't bring 'em in; just meet me in the north valley." He slams down the receiver and jumps out of bed. Poor Juliet is wide awake now, and asks, "Who was it?"

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