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t going to do anything to help me. You know, my condition is irreversible." Jack shakes his head. "Nothing is irreversible." He rises to his feet and gives his business card to Locke and tells him to call him for a consultation, on the house. The two men -- men of science; men of faith -- introduce themselves, shake hands and part with a fond smile.

Four-Toes Beach: Richard spots the temple fireworks in the blue sky, before anyone else. While they're all looking up at the sky in wonder, Faux-Locke exits the statue base. Ilana and her remaining goons cock their guns, but Richard screams at them not to shoot. As Faux-Locke passes Frank and Sun, Frank says, "I'm seeing it, but I'm still not believing." Faux-Locke greets Richard and says, "It's good to see you out of those chains." Some people have taken this to mean that Richard too was a slave on the Black Rock. I suppose that's possible, but right now, I think it's unlikely. Faux-Locke's whole big spiel to the Goonies was that they were free now that Jacob was dead. I think that's Faux-Locke's way of telling Richard that Jacob is dead and I think Jacob knows it. Jacob's eyes widen in horror. "You?" Faux-Locke says, "Me," and hits Richard in the throat, then knees him in the head. He falls on the sand, unconscious. Faux-Locke looks from Ben to Ilana, to Frank and Sun, and the whole group. He waggles his finger at them. "I'm very disappointed...in all of you." I break into laughter, but I think I'm just punch-drunk. Faux-Locke and Ben exchange an opaque look, and then Faux-Locke bends down and lifts up Richard. He hoists him over his right shoulder, and picks up his (F-L's) backpack with his left hand and starts off down the beach, passing right by John Locke's corpse. Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh dun.

Temple: Sayid's body lays in repose on the woven rug. Lennon and two Templars (one in a turban, the other in a headband) approach Jack. Lennon asks if he's Shephard and says, "We need to speak to you, privately." Jack tells him to say whatever he needs to, there. Lennon says that while he's asking politely, he's not above having Jack dragged off. Jack hits his breaking point. He still doesn't cry though. Instead, he fights back. He starts with Headband, and then Turban joins in the fun. But soon Lennon and Hurley's eyes leave that action. Hurley yells, "Jack!" Lennon says, "Oh my God." When Jack looks to his left, he sees it too. It is Sayid, and he's sitting up. He blinks and looks at Jack. "What happened?" Fade to black. Bad robot.

Well, I tried to offer most of my commentary throughout the recap so it wouldn't matter if I punked out at the end, because I'm always so tired by the end -- and oh so ready to punk out -- like now, for instance. So, I'll just say one thing. One popular theory floating around is that Jacob has come to inhabit Sayid's body. I'm not sure that's what's going on. It almost seems too obvious. Of course I may just have PTSD. This show has me shell-shocked (in a good way), lost (in a good way) and confused (in a good way) and not so ready to predict its next steps, right here and now. I'll catch you after this week's episode: "What Kate Does" in which Kate's on the run and Jack may be endangering someone's life. How did they ever come up with that totally new twist?

Come on over to the forum and wait it out with us, and remember, when you get in a cab at LAX, lock the doors; you never know who'll try to hijack your ride.

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