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Ben, The Two Of Us Need Look No More

The Island; 1977: Horace enters the cell, holds up some nasty looking tool -- wire cutters, I guess. He cuts off Sayid's handcuffs, which doesn't seem possible, but it happens. Sayid thanks him, and then Horace introduces himself and asks Sayid what his name is, and what he was doing out in the jungle. Radzinksy's there, still freaking out about Sayid seeing the model of the Swan, but Horace is all chill, dude. Horace wants to know if Sayid's in disagreement with the hostiles, or if he's a spy, trying to infiltrate Dharma, but he says infiltrate really weirdly. Sayid's not talking. He doesn't even share his name. Horace gives him an hour to start talking, and if that doesn't happen, he's going to have to take this to the "next level."

Juliet looks out the window of the love nest she shares with Sawyer. He points out that her bacon is sizzling (not a euphemism), and wonders what's caught her attention. When he joins her at the window, they watch as Jack and Kate leave Kate's cabin. Really? Huh. Juliet wants to know if their time "playing house" is up -- if one of the Returnees will blow things for them (not innuendo). Horace comes for a visit and tells Sawyer that they have a Sayid shaped problem. Since he won't fess up as to why he violated the truce and trespassed on their territory, Horace plans to set Oldham on him. Sawyer says, "That psychopath? No way!" Horace doesn't think there's another choice, since Sayid won't talk, but Sawyer insists the prisoner will talk to him.

Sawyer hustles over to the security station and sends Phil out on lunch, then confronts Sayid. When he asks how he's doing. Sayid's all A 12-year-old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich and you know my issues with chicken, dude. "How do you think I am doing?" Sawyer smirks. "Sweet kid, ain't he?" Sayid doesn't understand how Sawyer can bear to live there with him. I'd say bedding down with Juliet probably helps. Sayid won't accept Sawyer's excuse that he doesn't have a choice. "Let's see how you feel after three years of living in the '70s. Lucky for you, I spent that time getting myself in a position to save your ass." He opens the cell, enters, and leaves the door ajar, then head-butts Sayid, without first explaining that he's just trying to make it look like he roughed Sayid up in order to extract a confession. Sheesh, and I thought last week's distinct lack of winking was bad. He wants Sayid to say he was trying to defect, and offer some information on the hostiles, in exchange for a chance to stay at Dharma. Sayid demurs. He'd rather be on his own, thanks. Right now, I can't say as I blame him, but what exactly does he think he's going to be able to do?

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