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Locke and Load

Sammy's lovely wife arrives in Sayid's cell with her kitty cat. She spins a lovely tale about some psychotic French children, a homeless cat, and feline torture. Very much bedtime-story material. She rescued the cat and loves the cat. He reads with her, sleeps with her, and occasionally bites her. He bites her because he forgets that he is safe. She forgives him for this because she understands it. She does not feel safe because of Sayid. She wants Sayid to admit that he remembers her. She wants that respect. Sayid finally admits that he does remember her. Her face has haunted him ever since he left Iraq. He breaks down and cries. He is sorry for what he did to her. She forgives him. When her husband returns, she will tell him that she made a terrible mistake, that it was not him, and he will let Sayid go. He wants to know why. (Gift horse/mouth much, Sayid?) She says that we are all capable of doing what those children did to the cat, but she refuses to give in to such behavior.

Rousseau asks Sayid again why they are keeping Patch alive, and Sayid says that Patch is his prisoner and he will do what he wants and if Rousseau doesn't like it then Sayid will just take his prisoner and go home. He then sticks out his tongue and says, "Nyah nyah nyah!" Kate and Locke join the group. Sayid looks Locke up and down and says, "I see you didn't find anything useful." Locke admits that he just played chess again and then tells Patch he knows why he didn't want him to beat the game. Sayid and Kate exchange WTF looks. Just then, Locke proves that winning isn't everything. Especially when it causes the entire building to explode! Flames shoot skyward and the entire complex is decimated. Sayid looks apoplectic and then yells at Locke, "What did you do? That was our one chance at communicating with the outside world! Are you a complete chucklehead?" Locke explains that the computer told him to do it. Sayid looks like he's about to wrap his hands around Locke's sinewy neck and scream, "Learn, dammit! Learn!" like Matthew Broderick in WarGames. Sayid tells them that they need to leave because Locke has just started the biggest signal fire ever. As they go, Sayid spies Evil Kitty staring at him meaningfully.

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