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Way down in the hole

Back in the hatch-hole, Kate writhes on the ground for an eternity, doing that thing where your hands are tied behind your back, so you slide them under your bum so you can get them in front of you. She's grunting like her life depends on being able to do this, which it just might. She then pulls out Locke's hidden knife, unfolds it, and saws through the binding on her wrists. Getting up, she heads over to the door and starts feeling around in the dark. She finds a light switch, but no way to get out. Frustrated, she turns around and leans back on the door, where she learns she's been locked inside a Costco full of preserves and canned goods, all with that Dharma logo on it. Oooh, that's a good price for eight pounds of nutmeg! She also spies an air duct in the ceiling, but can't reach it by jumping. She pulls some boxes underneath, but her desire to escape is thwarted when she sees a box labeled "CANDY," which she opens, and then proceeds to stuff her face with "Apollo" chocolate bars. Then she has a chocogasm, and stuffs several more bars into her pockets so she can have multiple chocogasms later. She clambers up onto the box, knocks the metal grate into the air duct, and climbs in herself (clearly getting a boost from a stage hand underneath, judging from how she climbed in. Just don't smush the chocolate, pal).

Elsewhere in the hatch-hole, Locke is explaining to Desmond about how the plane was a thousand miles off course when it crashed, so any search parties, which would have given up a long time ago anyway, would have been looking in the wrong spot. Locke's sitting by the phony sunlight.

Locke asks what Desmond's name is, and Desmond looks surprised, and then almost a little pleased, to be asked, and tells him. Sensing an opening, Locke tells Desmond that the gun is unnecessary. Opening closes. Desmond points it at him and sarcastically asks if he should just hand it over to Locke. Try saying yes again, Locke. It might work this time. "How many of you are there?" asks Desmond, after he cools off slightly. "Forty-three," says Locke, adding that four sailed away on a raft this morning. Desmond chuckles at the idea of leaving by raft. Locke asks about the simulated sunlight: "Is that because you never leave?" He asks if there's another way out, but instead of answering either of those questions, Desmond asks how many of the group are sick.

Locke doesn't seem to understand the question, so Desmond has to snap, "As in ill! As in dead!" "Is that why it says 'quarantine' on the inside of the hatch?" asks Locke, and Desmond tells him to just answer the question; the answer is no one.

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