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So Charlie's making funny faces at Aaron while Claire...is...going through his stuff? Or something? I guess. Whatever, she finds Charlie's statue of Our Lady of Perpetual Drugginess, and she asks him what it is, and despite his obvious concern about her bogarting his stash, he tries to be all nonchalant as he explains that he found it in the jungle, and he hands Aaron back to her so he can snatch back the Virgin Mary. "She's holy," he says. "I didn't realize you were so religious," she says, and he claims that he's not, just that it might "come in handy," and Claire looks all warm and happy, not knowing that, if she's not careful, Aaron will be a drug mule one day.

These screamy scenes with Michael and Sawyer out on the raftlets are really starting to get to me. Sawyer's come to the conclusion that the biker gang pirates weren't attracted by the flare gun; their boat wasn't an oceangoing vessel, so it must have come from somewhere close by. "Boat like that, had to have left port from somewhere close. Like the island." He's finally figured out that the Others that Rousseau told them about came for Walt. Good. You know, some of this is kind of no duh, Sawyer, but at least he's figuring it out. See if you can figure out where Sawyer goes off the rails, though:

Michael: "You're saying this is my fault?"
Sawyer: "That's what I'm saying."

Not that Michael's any more right in saying it's Sawyer's fault; true, the flare gun helped the pirates find them, but they couldn't have known Walt was going to be kidnapped. "What are you gonna do, splash me?" sneers Sawyer. And Michael does just that. And Sawyer's raftlet FALLS APART. Nice construction job, Michael. Sawyer founders in the water, with an ominous shark's-eye-view shot from underneath, before he hauls himself onto Michael's raftlet, clutching his shoulder in pain. Then he half-heartedly starts to try to make nice with Michael, who shuts him up with a "shut up" and a "you have no idea what it's like to care for somebody else."

Flashback to the Custody Battle Dome, where Michael walks in to find Susan there all by herself. He asks where the lawyers are, and she says she told them she wanted to talk to Michael by herself. And I'm sure the lawyers agreed what a brilliant idea that was, legally speaking, and have gone to Six Flags for the rest of the afternoon.

"I think you're gonna win," she says, which surprises Michael. She says she think the court will rule that she can't leave the country with Walt, and she wants to know why he's doing this. "He's my son!" "Since when, Michael?" She goes on about how in Rome she'll be a senior partner and give Walt whatever he wants, while Michael's still on disability and about to be evicted from his apartment. "Nobody's winning here, Michael," she says, and gives him some platitudes about his "rare talent" as an artist, and he needs to get healthy and back on his feet financially so he can get back to pursuing his art. "How are you gonna do that, any of that, and still be a part of Walt's life?" "I'll do it by doing it," he says. Yeah, that kind of empty rhetoric will go over big-time in court, so Susan's doing the right thing by trying to come to a deal on their own. Michael says Walt's his responsibility too, and she says, "Then let him go." Flashback Michael looks quite conflicted. I just can't figure out what we're supposed to be learning from these flashbacks. We know Walt winds up with his mom. If these flashbacks are supposed to show the guilt Michael feels about giving up Walt (and now losing him again), then why is it being presented as though continuing to fight for Walt would have been the selfish thing to do?

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