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Way down in the hole

Then he hears mumbling, turns a corner, and sees Kate, lying on the floor. He crouches beside her, and she comes to and says, "Hey, Locke," kind of nonchalantly, and then she sees something, and says, "Behind you," but she says it so quickly that it really sounded like "budge." Locke turns, and Desmond's there, pointing a rifle at him.

"Are you him?" asks Desmond. Locke appears to be thinking, undoubtedly trying to figure out if it's in his best interests to be him or not be him. Desmond asks again.

Back on the raftlet, Sawyer's standing up and yelling "Jin!" over and over again. Michael's sitting and sulking, all, "Oh, sure, it's okay to yell for Jin, but when it comes to yelling for my son, we have to 'conserve energy,'" and Sawyer says that the difference is that Jin is out there in the water, so if it's okay by Michael, he's going to keep shouting. Michael glares at him. "Feeling guilty," he mutters, and Sawyer's all, "What?" and Michael says, "You made me fire the flare," and Sawyer's completely amazed that Michael is blaming him for this, as am I, but since Michael just had his son kidnapped by biker gang pirates, I'll cut him some slack for not thinking straight. Less slack I'm giving Sawyer, who says, "At least Walt is on a boat," and he also says that Walt is "probably wrapped in a blanket with a cup of cocoa." I SWEAR TO GOD HE SAYS THOSE WORDS. And Michael tells Sawyer to get off his boat, which Sawyer also can't believe, and this asinine argument is interrupted by some banging directly underneath the raft. Sawyer pulls his gun as he and Michael look wildly around them. We pull back and can see a rather large shark-like creature, swimming shark-style through the water.

The local ABC affiliate is doing a feature story on UFOs. "UFOs: Do They Exist? We'll tackle that question tonight, and also on the hit new series Invasion, which, and you're not going to believe this coincidence, also airs on ABC."

Back from commercials, the waters seem a little calmer, although Sawyer and Michael are still anxiously watching the water. Michael looks at the gun and says he sees Sawyer managed to hang onto his "best friend," although I submit that Sawyer's best friend is still in his pants. Michael says the gun won't work anyway, since Sawyer was underwater. "What do you know about guns anyway, hoss?" snaps Sawyer, who takes the clip out to check the bullets, because if the bullets are dry, the powder's dry, and he's going to say that if the powder's dry the gun will work, but he's interrupted by another a shark-esque smashing of the boat, and he falls over and spills some of the bullets. Sawyer thrashes around for the bullets -- good luck finding those -- and then he spots a tail rising out of the water and just as quickly submerging again. "What the hell is that?" says Michael, and Sawyer says, "It's a shark," although I don't think that the above-water tail-flick is a standard shark move. Then Sawyer says, "It's only a shark," WHATEVER THAT MEANS, and Michael can't believe that he said that either, and implies that the shark's hanging around because of Sawyer's bleeding shoulder, so Sawyer snaps that he'll just stop bleeding then. Amazing. There's no actual scenery for miles and miles, yet there's still a whole lot of chewing going on. Sawyer asks if Michael suddenly forgot what just happened. Probably not, but something tells me we're going to listen to Sawyer deliver some clunky expository dialogue. It's Sawyer's position that Michael should thank him for shooting at the biker gang pirates, but Michael says Sawyer was just trying to save his own ass.

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