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Way down in the hole

"I'm going to get him back. I'm going to get back my son," says Michael. Well...that's certainly a good idea. Sawyer looks kind of pained, maybe wondering if that's even possible anymore. Then he notices that the current's brought them right back to the island. "We're home," he says, resignedly.

Michael and Sawyer stumble ashore. I imagine both of them are wondering how awful it's going to be to face the other lostaways, especially Sun. Sawyer collapses on the sand, and they catch their breath for a moment. Then they hear, in the distance, someone shouting in Korean. "Jin?" says Sawyer. Oh sure, all Koreans sound the same to you, redneck. Oh, wait. It is Jin. He's running out of the woods, yelling at them, including "Michael!" and "Sawyer," while looking back over his shoulder fearfully. He falls down on the sand, still yelling, and Michael and Sawyer work to free him. His gibberish finally coalesces into the one word neither of them wanted to hear: "Rambaldi." I mean, "Others."

Oh, man. And Jin looks up, and they follow his gaze, to see a bunch of silhouettes, armed with spiked sticks, cresting a hill, coming towards them. Looks like Jin didn't use his Capital One card.

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