Lone Star State of Mind

by Angel Cohn September 21, 2010
Fall Pilot Season: Lone Star starts crying and beating on the steering wheel in frustration. He stares at a trash can for a while before he drives off, and then we pan back to the garbage to see the jewelry bag and cell phone in it.

Then he's suited up and heading to the executive level of the oil company, where he's greeted by Clint, who introduces him around and shows him the lay of the land before dumping him in a conference room with binders filled with stats on oil wells. Drew walks by and Bob stops him to ask about a wind farm deal that Tram had shot down. Bob thinks they should get in the windfarm business because they could make a good return on it, and that they just need a couple hundred acres for a test farm. He tells Drew he thinks it could be a good play, and Drew just seems flabbergasted that someone would actually think that he had a good idea and respect him enough to include him.

Bob heads over to a greasy spoon to meet his father for breakfast. John's got a list of plays on how they can scam the most money and is about ready to start rattling off the options when Bob stops him and says that he's not working an angle. That he's just working because he doesn't want another Midland situation. John says that's his own fault because he always taught him that he can play characters, but not himself, so that he can easily walk away. Bob isn't so easily dissuaded this time and says that he's not faking, that he can do this job, that in the process of pretending to know things, he actually learned it and knows how to do this job. He offers to let his dad live with him and be on staff as a consultant. John takes offense at the offer of a job. Job? Why, when conning is such easy money? He wants to move to a tropical island with topless women and not be stuck in a cubicle. I mean, I take his point here, but Bob seems to have topless women all around him anyway, so it isn't such an issue for him. He wants Bob to focus on how to make the deal. Bob, who is filled with pent up anger at this point, doesn't punch his father in the face like he rightfully should, but instead says he'll get him however much money he wants if he just doesn't make him do cons anymore. John agrees to let him do it his way. Bob in return tells his father that he loves him.

At a very swanky party, that may be in the office, Drew's hitting on girls and Cat goes around gossiping with Bob about who has had plastic surgeries. Tram dampens the mood by drilling Bob about some hotel owner who doesn't know Bob even though Bob claimed to have stayed there three nights a week for the past year. Bob honestly says he's never stayed there, says he buys their stuff in bulk and the embarrassing truth is that he stays in motels because they allow him to get his work done. He only claimed to stay at the fancier places because appearances matter to their family and he'd hate to besmirch the Thatcher name by staying at a Motel 6. He says that Tram should definitely keep his eye out for slippery characters in the business and Clint (who has been listening) chimes in that he's seen more than his share... but none that have gotten away with it. Then he bandies about his brother Roy's name, and the fact that he's dead. Clint says that he sees everything that happens in the company, and will be the first to know if he wanders into trouble. He then asks to see Bob's keys... with the gorilla keychain... and puts a new key on it to some mysterious room on the 30th floor that will give him all the opportunities in the world.

He is in another office having a panic attack when Cat comes in to calm him down. She thinks he didn't want to take the job, but he did, but doesn't know if he can do it. She says that people who believe they can have it all get it all. Make your own luck and whatnot.

Then he's back at the jewelry store to buy something else, says it's been a good week. Then we see the suitcase and the cheery folks at the airport, intercut with him looking at blueprints of Midland and calling Drew for approval to purchase a plot of land (for a million dollars) for their windfarm. He explains this to his father, saying that he'll actually own the land in Midland, so when the fancy lawyer pulls the deed he won't get in trouble. But John thinks this will leave a trail and is a huge mistake. Bob's plan is to basically steal back from his real job to pay back the Midland folks, but somehow make everyone money and make it all work. He turns around so we can see he's dressed in a tux and in Vegas, and he tells his father that he's doing this whole thing because he's in love. With whom? The fake wife or the fake girlfriend? John wants to know and so do I. The answer: both. Lindsay comes out of the bathroom in a wedding dress saying that it is bad luck to see her before the wedding, and he says that he makes his own luck. Then he grabs the new box from the jewelry store, the happy couple goes off and we're stuck looking at the full suitcase until next week.

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