Lone Star State of Mind

by Angel Cohn September 21, 2010
Fall Pilot Season: Lone Star

There's not a lot this fall that has me jumping for joy, but this show was one that stuck in my mind, which is something since I can barely remember anything about Chase. The pilot has promise -- it's a slickly produced show about a con artist who has a lot on his plate juggling a wife, a girlfriend, several cons and his pushy father who wants nothing more than for his son to follow in his disreputable footsteps. Not sure how future episodes will fare, but this has some promise and at least makes me want to tune in for some more.

We open on a young Bobby in a motel-looking apartment scrambling and throwing things out of his closet and into a suitcase, while his father is by the front door trying to hold it shut to keep away a very angry sounding man. The father comes in, chastises young Bobby for not keeping his life in the case, and then tosses him out the back window with the keys to what will be their getaway car. We hear the door being smashed in, as we zoom in on the very bare closet.

We then zoom out on a quite well stocked closet filled with clothes and blankets and are informed that it is 20 years later in Midland, Texas, and we put together that the handsome young man standing in front of this closet is a grown up Bob. He's packing a suitcase and his girlfriend comes over wrapped in a towel asking him why he's got so many things for a four day trip. Well, see, girlfriend, Bob was scarred at a young age to over pack or else leave his belongings behind, so it is a surprise that he hasn't grown up to be a hoarder with all his items in suitcases stacked floor to ceiling. Instead, he shrugs her off and she tries to waylay his trip to the airport with sex. Unsurprisingly, this works.

Eventually he heads out to the car with his ginormous suitcase. And scans his house, with "Linds" (the aforementioned girlfriend who apparently owns no clothing, only robes and towels) standing in front. He tells her not to let the neighbor kid mow the lawn anymore, because he likes to do it... makes him feel manly or whatever. Poor neighbor kid, he only charged five bucks. That's quite a deal. Anyway, Bob's done with the lecture about landscaping and is now moving on to party planning. This of course involves talk of meat and kegs and moon bounces. She gives him an ugly key chain with a gorilla on it. He says he'll treasure it forever. Then he's off to the airport.

Once there he's all chummy with the check-in lady and his fellow passengers and his luggage even arrives unscathed. Where is this mythical place? Is he somehow George Clooney in Up in the Air? I need to get some frequent flier miles if this is the case. He gets in a fancier car, takes out his luggage and walks up to the door of a stranger and introduces himself to some guy as Robert Allen and starts in on his sales pitch about shares in some sort of rock blender. He does this over and over to a number of guys who are seemingly home in the middle of the day and happily write him checks. Then it's back to the airport with another super peppy check-in lady and pleasant fellow passengers with no screaming children and another bag that arrives promptly in the baggage claim.

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