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Previously on Living Lohan, Ali was undeservedly lauded by all as she began recording her first single in Vegas. But can she mature as an artist when dropping beats with her babysitter-turned-producer Jeremy Greene?

We start where we left off in Vegas, where Ali has recorded one song for her forthcoming smash-hit-sensation album, whose working title is The Greatest Album in the World! Ali pauses her grueling work schedule to get pretty for a recording date with her manboy crush Jeremy Greene. She admits it will be weird to see him after their last altercation, when he planted an ambiguous item about Lindsay and himself in the tabs. Despite some lost trust, she is willing to give him another chance because of his "talent."

Cue the douchebag! Jeremy saunters around The Studio at The Palms, already miffed that she's getting her hair done instead of waiting for him with breath that is bated. She leaves her pampering looking exactly the same as when she started, except for with a few more slutty extension ringlets.

As Jeremy waits, Ali's vocal coach Sue and one of the sound engineers tell him how much Ali's voice has matured and her confidence grown since he saw her last. Guys, she's not in the room; save your ass-smoke blowing for later... Jeremy gets all hot-shot record producer and asks them to disregard their personal feelings for her and tell him whether she's ready on a business level. Of course, whether he's the best person to preach about separating business from personal -- when he so obviously finagled, nay faked a story about his personal life to get ahead in business, well that's up for discussion...

Jeremy barrels right into the theme that he's a big, pushy bully by pointing out that Ali's only 14 years old. Sue says she's not mentally that age. He agrees she's more like a 27-year-old, which I guess is the magic age where people get really business-savvy. And let me tell you, as a 26-year-old, I am counting down the days until the magic happens and the cash-money starts rolling in. Sue tells Jeremy that Ali knows what she wants and will not be stopped. Jeremy makes a note to pay attention to any concrete mixers, sharp objects and ticking sounds the next time he has a run-in with the LoHos.

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