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The next day, Dina-saur's brother Paul visits. Dina-saur immediately pulls him aside to convince Nana to come to Vegas. Paul is pretty impassive as she gives some sob story about Nana sitting at home alone at night. Paul calls Dina-saur "Supermom and super-manager," but insists that she can't manage Nana. (And that dialogue wasn't pre-written at all...) They go back and forth, and Paul ultimately caves in. All the while, Nana shoots hoops with Cody outside, and, I'm sorry to tell you, she throws like a girl. There is a silver lining, though! Under Cody's masterful tutelage, she finally sinks one.

Later in the kitchen, Dina-saur barrels straightaway into Operation: Drag Nana to Vegas. Nana holds her ground, and Paul totally punks out on his end of the deal. Ha! So now Dina-saur is stuck trying to persuade Nana to go vis-à-vis persuading Paul that she should go. He throws in an unenthusiastic "Have a great time, Mom," now and again, thereby totally revealing that he was strong-armed into this b.s. intervention in the first place. Love it! They go round and round. Stay strong, Nana!

Elsewhere, Cody and Ali discuss Michael and Nina. They conspire to conjure up some romance by making them dinner. But first they have to get Nina on the phone and talk her into coming back to LoHouse. How will they do it?

Outside, Michael divulges to Dina-saur that Ali admitted some uncharacteristic nerves about Vegas. Dina-saur rehashes the Nana standoff, and they're both at a loss. Later in the house, Dina-saur gives it one last shot (I hope!) with Nana, who is growing ever more irritated with her pigheaded daughter. Dina-saur interview that Nana isn't living her life to the fullest since her husband passed away. Dina-saur also claims she is saddened by the idea of Nana home alone, but you know she just wants someone to hold her purse while she dances on a table at the Pussycat Doll Lounge. Nana sticks to her guns, though, and Dina-saur is left a-swivelin' in her office chair.

Later, Ali meddles into a situation that's none of her business. By which I mean, she "calls" Nina and asks her to come over. I think I hear Nina slipping a Benjamin into her pocket on the other end. Cody and Ali get started making a main course of food poisoning with a side of salmonella for the lovebirds. They finish just in time for Nina to arrive. Cody escorts her in and gives Michael the credit for the meal. Nina is rightly disbelieving but overall very pleased with the effort. The little schemers head upstairs to fetch Michael. And how will this turn out? In the words of Seacrest, "You'll find out... after the break."

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