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Dina's on the phone with the Maloofs, who have exciting news. They have her finished first track. The say she's "unbelievable." They make this sound like a good thing. Oh no... they are going to play the song. My worst nightmare has come true. Oh no. It is so overproduced that when the singing starts, Ali isn't even sure if it is her. I'm dying. This is the funniest moment of the entire show. Now the Lohan ladies are dancing around in the office in front of the big scary Lindsay poster. To be fair this isn't the worst song... it just sounds like everything else on the radio. Whoever produced it did a pretty decent job mixing it. Pierce Brosnan could have used their help for Mamma Mia.

And now we get a little recap of the entire series: How much the family fights but loves each other. How they are all so proud of Ali making a record and getting a movie. The lessons they have learned. Dina says that her daughters are talented and the tabloids forget how the girls work their butts off. The parting shot is of Ali complaining about doing her homework. And mercifully this is done. I don't think I've been so happy in a long time. I hate that they left it open for a second season with either Ali making a movie, or Ali meeting with record execs. I want closure, and I want assurances that this is the end. But I'll settle for season finale and the blissful feeling that I get deleting this from my DVR.

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