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Dina's in the green room with her mom. Nana's all worried about how Ali's doing. Dina THs that a good director can see if someone has talent. Which, according to that logic, means that Ali doesn't have a chance in hell... if director dude is actually a good director. Nana's just happy that she doesn't hear any tantrums.

Back at the green screen Ali is talking about Harry Potter, Jr. or something. I'm speechless. I heard her say something about a Harry Potter, Jr. when she was running lines with her bro, but didn't think anything of it. Is that really part of this script?Oh, good lord. I... I just... this show can't be over fast enough for me.

Ali's pretending that Michael is in the casting woman's position. Ali's not a perfectionist, but she's worried about what people think of her. Then, mercifully, she's done. Director dude says he's seen enough, but not necessarily in a negative way... which is odd to me. I'd be like, "Stop, make it stop, go away. Go back to singing. Leave the acting world alone!" But no. Blonde woman ushers Ali back to the green room and tells her she did a good job and thanks the Lohan ladies for coming. Dina believes if she doesn't get it, it wasn't meant to be or something like that. They drive off.

Blonde woman (aka the casting director) comes running out of the building flailing her arms and screaming. Did someone forget their purse? No. She wants Ali to come back in and talk to the director/producer. Director dude says that she got the role. Unbelievable. Did they see the same footage that we just saw? Are they really just trying to make a quick buck? I can't. I'm driving my officemate nuts screaming at my television.

Anyway, Ali's all overjoyed... or well, she's using her smiling expression instead of her pissed off bitchface, so she seems happy. She can't wait to tell, "Her brother, her sister and Cody." Wait. Is Cody not her brother too? I don't understand. I guess she means Michael, and Cody is just an afterthought, which is pretty much how this show seems to go in general. Dina and Nana are beaming as the director dude blows smoke up their ass about how talented Ali is.

Dina THs that Ali is calling everyone she loves -- Lindsay, her brother (meaning Michael) -- to tell them how happy she is. We see Ali on the phone with Lindsay. To Lindsay's credit, when Ali calls Lindsay seems bored. She's like, sigh, "Hi, Ali," in that "I've got girls to make out with and real movies to make what the hell do you want?" way. Ali tells Dina that Lindsay was screaming, but we don't actually hear this.

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