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Then all the kids and one of Michael's friends named TJ are sitting around playing poker and eating deli meat. Watching this is as torturous as it sounds. The girls don't seem to get how to play the game. Cody's all like, well you are a stupid cheater poopyhead Nina, or whatever little brother cliché you can think of. Ali (the more mature one) diaries that Cody should cut Nina some slack. Cody keeps telling Nina she should leave. Nina laughs it off says he should quit joking around, he says he's not joking. Nina (because she is presumably a normal person who has been sucked into this trainwreck) can't understand where all that anger is coming from. I don't know what Nina's major is, but I don't think it needs to be psychology to figure this puzzle out. Cody responds to the whole situation by smearing chocolate icing on Nina's face. Michael laughs. Which makes Nina more upset.

Michael goes to comfort Nina, who is most concerned that it got up her nose. So he walks back downstairs to have a man-to-man chat with The Code. Cody sits in a desk chair swiveling back and forth sucking on a sports water bottle looking every bit like the baby he's being (but at least he's got a story arc this week!) OMG. I have to digress, this is the first time that I've seen whatever weird catchall room this is and there are huge posters of Confession of a Teenage Drama Queen all over. Freaky. Anyway, he tells Michael that he wants some alone time with him. Michael says he has to learn to share. Cody says he likes Nina but wants time with Michael without the girls around. Michael feels torn, but tells Cody he needs to suck it up and apologize to Nina. Cody sucks more on his big red water bottle. Nothing gets resolved, Cody still doesn't get one-on-one time with Michael. What was the point of this?

Dina is at the breakfast table with the family. She's just gotten a script in the mail to show Ali. It is for a sure-to-be-Oscar-worthy film called Troll. Ali diaries that it is a fantasy film with special effects, but being that her acting skills suck, she can't even manage to get the words "it seems really exciting" out of her mouth with out cracking up. The editors tried to cut it, but she's basically rolling her eyes at the prospect. This is no Mean Girls. Dina says Ali will meet with the director tomorrow, which sends Ali into a tizzy. Tomorrow, like the day after today? That's too soon! She needs to do research, she needs time to really delve into the depths of this character, she doesn't want to look like an idiot, it is going to take her at least two days to read this script. Nana sums up the script quite succinctly after giving it a skim: "It's a fantasy and you've got all kinds weird people in here." Well, there's that.

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