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Previously: A lot happened, all of which I have already covered. I prefer a quick montage at the top of the episode to lots of creaky exposition throughout, but these sequences try to pack so much information into such a short time that they leave me feeling dizzy, and I saw all of this the first time around! The important thing about this one is that we revisit Victory's Mildred Pierce line. Never liked her better.

That done, we pick right back up in Hector's office, with Nico in the hot seat, lying that she's not sure whether she's ever met Kirby Atwood. Why, then, is he complaining of sexual harassment? Oh, you know how those things are; Nico pinches so many assistants' asses, one of them was bound to complain sooner or later. This is essentially Nico's story -- that it's possible that she accidentally offended some photo-shoot peon -- and in spite of the fact that she has gone completely white and can't quite make eye contact, and in spite of the fact that she very recently came close to losing her job because Hector felt she couldn't be trusted to act in the company's best interests, Hector believes her now. In fact, he's a total pushover, concurring, "People like us are easy targets." If I may: Hector is obviously an easy target, but Nico is mostly just "easy." Gullible Hector promises, "We'll investigate the claim. If needs be, we'll tap into a slush fund we have set aside for this sort of thing." He gives Nico a reassuring smile. Do you get the feeling Hector has sent his share of inappropriate text messages to interns? Now, he says, he wants valuable Nico to get back to her important work without distraction. Nico, stunned to find herself off the hook (and after she worked so very hard to get caught!), sits there staring and thinking, "...That was a freebie." (Yes, I have to watch this show, but sometimes my brain prefers to pretend it's watching Arrested Development, and I won't apologize for that.)

In a Parador screening room, the gals are just finishing up a showing of Wendy's new pet project, Bombay Highway. Wendy wants Victory and Nico to give her their honest opinions of the movie, which should not be influenced in the least by the fact that she absolutely loves it and really, really wants other people to like it, too. Victory bites first, saying that she loved the clothes. Oh, that Victory -- so flaky/dedicated to her craft (pick one)! Nico responds more thoughtfully, saying that she thinks the film is well made and a potential hit. She doesn't look like she means it, so either she's doing a typically bad job with the lies or she's just thinking about something else. Maybe both, but definitely the latter; once the opinion-giving is out of the way, Nico blurts, "I'm sleeping with a twenty-five-year-old." The other girls are surprised, to say the least. Wendy's irritating assistant Josh (am I supposed to think he's funny? Cute? Incompetent? Will the show ever tell me?) knocks on the door to remind her of her 5:00 conference call, but she shoos him away, snapping, "Can't you see I'm in a meeting?" Aw, she calls it a "meeting" when she's just gossiping with her girlfriends. Just like Kristy from The Baby-Sitters Club. When Josh has gone, Wendy asks Nico whether Charles knows about her affair. Nico says that he never will: "It's over. ...Unless you count the sexual harassment suit." On hearing this, Victory proposes alcohol. 5:00 might be conference-call time, but it's also happy hour, am I right, gals?!

...So the BFFs gather at a bar, and Nico tells them how "fantastic" and "amazing" her fling with Kirby has been. Wendy wants to hear what it's like to have sex with someone new after so many years with the same person: "How do you make that leap of faith with a stranger?" I'm not sure how "faith" comes into it. Kirby's interest in having sex with Nico was never ambiguous. Unless she's referring to Nico's faith that Kirby wouldn't try to sue her later, which was obviously misplaced. Victory wants to know what took Nico so long to share, since they "tell each other everything" -- like which boys they have crushes on, and whether they got their first period yet, and how many R-rated movies they've seen, OMG! In fairness, I will admit that the ensuing exchange is pretty funny. Victory: "I tell you guys about things that I'm afraid to show my dermatologist!" Wendy: "You still haven't had that looked at?" The Brooke has a way with a punchline, what can I say. Something about the note of genuine concern and the mouthful of bar nuts just made that delivery work. Nico says she didn't tell them about Kirby because she was hoping to avoid the inevitable judgment. Victory is upset because she has lost her "role models for the perfect marriage," and she also contends that by waiting this long to share the news, Nico has cheated on her friends as well as her husband. (Again, they hang out with Victory why? Is it her maturity?) Victory is angry, Wendy is hurt, and Nico is now hurt and angry that they are, respectively, angry and hurt.

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