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Undercover Angel

Cut to the next room, where Todd and Lisa are watching all the neck-eating on a monitor. Todd really wants to bust in there, before Paige has to see this dude naked. DA Joseph wants to wait. In the motel room, Paige repeats that she wants the Judge to give her little fictional Benny. Judge Eww just cups Paige's breasts and tells her to lie on her stomach so that he can take her from behind. He fondles her, roughly. What channel is this, again? At long last, Paige's cell phone rings. And Paige says, "Okay, stop," and whacks Judge WatchOutBecauseYourNutsAreNext in the jugular as Todd bursts in with a gun. They look at each other for a long beat, before Paige puts on her shirt.

After the ads, Paige waits downstairs at the motel, looking at her hands. Jennifer comes down the stairs and pats her, telling her that she did a good job. Joseph the DA, right behind Jennifer, repeats the praise. Jennifer hands Paige her Poor Dead Husband's dog-tags.

Out on the streets, Blair is talking to Pimp Slater, who's all trussed up. Blair announces that Slater can have Officer Kirk take him either to jail, or to the emergency room. "Either way, your whores are done walking the fan," Blair says. Slater yelps that he has a right to be in the fan. Blair is all, "Whatever." Death is not an option: jail or the ICU. At this, Slater offers to "keep [his] girls downtown." "Billy, Don't Be A Hero," the soundtrack advises. "You'll do that anyway," Blair says, and then announces that he has to punish him no matter what. "Feeds my boss's sense of self-righteousness. So, what's it gonna be?" he asks. Slater spits that Malloy is doing exactly what Slater is, just with cleaner sheets: "We're the same." Blair points out that the Malloy House of Whores pays the girls a nice salary, while Slater's Streetwalkers have to give him all their cash. "That makes them slaves," Blair says. Oh, so this is an ethical debate? "And you, a slaveowner," Blair finishes, explaining that this is why he's treating him like scum. Not because he's taking 13% of Malloy's dough. Slater shakes his head. "Maybe. But at least I'm my own man, Blair. At least I ain't no slave myself. Can you say that?" Oh, burn. Kirk and Blair exchange glances. And Blair tells Kirk to send the good whoremaster to the hospital, and Kirk and his partner start kicking the shit out of the guy.

FBI HQ. Lisa's leaving the office, walking right past Paige, who is staying late to finish up some work. Lisa warns her not to stay too late, and says she'll see her tomorrow. Paige then announces that the Judge was the first man since Poor Mr. Van Doren to touch her like that. Lisa makes this hilarious "oh dear God, why are you telling me this?" expression. "Well, you did a good job today. See you tomorrow," she says shortly, and walks off. Hee. I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh at Poor Bereaved And Vulnerable Paige. It's just know, I don't really like her. Lisa stops, briefly, at the door, as if to turn back, but then goes ahead. Paige, it's called Too Much Information. And it's something you need to tell a therapist, not your boss.

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Line of Fire




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