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Undercover Angel

Paige skitters out of the judge's chambers and toward the hallway, when she's called back by the court clerk, who'd like to speak to her for a moment.

Meanwhile, across town, Blair talks to some dude on the streets. "Friggin' Slater," the dude sighs. Blair wonders how dumb Slater really is. Wouldn't it be awesome if Slater The Pimp was actually A.C. Slater of Saved By the Bell? The dude wonders if Blair's willing to "up the ante on payment." And the payment is in whores. WHORES! "Too bad Jada's not on the job anymore," he kind of leers. Blair advises the dude -- whose name, it turns out, is Kirk -- to cut out that kind of talk or Donovan is going to knock his block off. "You have Slater there tomorrow night, ten o'clock," Blair orders. Kirk promises him that this will be no problem. And for an extra 10%, he'll kick in Zach and Screech, too.

Remember that diner where Roy and Bambi had breakfast last week? Paige joins Jennifer and Todd there to go over their little undercover extravaganza. "You did a good job, making me out like an Manson girl in there," she tells Todd. "Almost had me convinced you were a lawyer." Todd takes a thoughtful bite of his lunch. "I am. Cornell Law," he tells her calmly. Ha! Take it, Paige. "I just get more impressive by the minute, don't I?" Todd asks. And let me just say that yes, you do, Todd. Now, take off your shirt. Paige doesn't respond to this, but just tells Jennifer and Todd that the court clerk set up an appointment for her with the good Judge. They're going to be meeting at a local No Tell Motel. "We're going to nail him," she announces. Well, yes, Paige. That's kind of the point. You are going to have to nail him.

Country Club. Evangeline sits in the lobby, looking at her nails. Malloy comes in and sits right across from her, very close. He opens with some pleasantries, but Evangeline will have none of it and wants to know what she can do for him. Well, Evangeline, you can start by wiping off that ice-blue eye shadow. "Well, you're clearly a to-the-point woman," Malloy says. "I'd like my wife to join your organization." At this, Evangeline starts to hem and haw, and Malloy cuts her off to mention that he knows the newspaper is doing a big old profile on her, because he's dear old friends with the style editor. Because nobody's a meaner Known Associate than the style editor. Which is actually probably true. God, I can't wait until they do a show on the gay Mafia. Can I recap that? ["You'll have to get in line behind me. And the eight thousand gay dudes on the TWoP payroll." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Malloy says he's being interviewed for the piece, "being a community leader and all." Evangeline is all, "And your point is?" Malloy says that he wanted to be prepared for the interview, so he researched Evangeline. "I had no idea, Mrs. Maddington, that your great-grandmother was black," he announces, conversationally. This, naturally, stops the President of the Daughters of Virginia right in her tracks. She recovers quickly and chuckles. "Oh, Mr. Malloy, you have the wrong Evangeline Maddington," she twitters. Malloy doesn't think so, but he tells her that he thinks it's wonderful. "I just wonder how she fooled them. Was she an elight? A high yellow? A quadroon? An octoroon?" Evangeline looks around nervously as the camera comes into a tight close-up on Malloy. This scene is nicely directed. "Your husband doesn't know," he states. "Know? What?" Evangeline blathers. Malloy puts his hand on Evangeline's knee. "Because of my own heritage, I empathize with your pain. Being pre-judged. Such an injustice. But here's the deal: one can only imagine the reaction when the others learn that Miss Evangeline has a taint of the tarbrush in her." At this, Evangeline looks resigned, although she puts up a bit of a fight, telling Malloy that this is "a very silly threat," and not truthful, to boot. "The truth is what ends up in print," Malloy points out. Evangeline stammers that if it ends up in print, she will sue. "Not before half the town believes that Negro blood flows through you. And you know how tough it is to unring a bell," Malloy announces, standing, and placing a hand on her shoulder. "Well. It would be just a delight for Janet to hear the good news from you herself this evening. She wants to buy a new dress for the dinner." Evangeline looks up at him. "You don't scare me," she says. Malloy pats her softly. "Oh, thank God," he says. They stare at each other for a long beat, before he nods and walks off. Evangeline, defeated, just narrows her eyes. That scene was well done. Country Club blackmail, I can buy from David Paymer. Certainly more than I can buy, you know, chopping off people's fingers or dropping them into the drink.

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Line of Fire




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