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Undercover Angel

Patio of Smoking. Lisa tells Paige, without preamble, that she's got her first undercover assignment, and gives her the bullet, saying that Judge DoggyStyle accepts sex in exchange for ruling in favor of young, attractive, female defendants. "We want you to be one of these women," she says. Paige nods. "Let's do it," she says. Lisa explains that Jennifer's going to be training her for the near future. Jennifer and Paige then trot off to go over the case file, and Lisa looks sadly at the view and longs for a kamikaze shot.

The Mob's Favorite Bar. Jada and Malloy are talking about the House of Whores: revenue is down 13%. Malloy finds this strange, given that the world's oldest profession rarely loses money. Jada explains that it does when you've got streetwalkers undercutting you. Sing it, sister. I mean -- never mind. Blair -- whom I've only just noticed is even in this scene -- pipes up to say that he finds it hard to believe that anyone would go to a "street skank" when Malloy's whores are all clean and pretty. Jada points out that the streetwalkers are from half to 75% off. And no one can resist that kind of deal! "Do these people really think they can parade all over our territory and get away with it?" Malloy wonders. Jada shrugs. "Maybe Slater figures he can expand out of downtown," she offers. Malloy says that he doesn't know Slater, but Jada exposits that he's a pimp from downtown. Um, yeah. We got that from the whole part where he's got all these whores, and that he's expanding from downtown. Donovan pipes up that he'd be totally happy to whack the guy. Malloy thinks that, "with the dead Fed," now is not the time for whacking anything. Blair announces that he'll take care of it.

Roy and Lisa confab in the woods. He tells her about Leon, mentioning that Malloy had poor Leon's finger chopped off. He wonders if they can flip him. Lisa totally doesn't care about Leon, and just asks Roy whether Malloy's ever mentioned Judge JerkOff. He hasn't. So Lisa has no use for him. "How's the new girl doing?" Roy asks with a grin. "Bye, Roy," Lisa announces.

Over to the courthouse, where Todd is playing lawyer and Paige is all tarted up as the defendant. Long story short: Todd wants the court to keep Paige's baby in foster care, and Paige wants her baby back. She mentions that her husband is currently in the joint, and that although she used to be a crack whore (no, literally), she's on the straight and narrow now. Her whore-y hair notwithstanding. Although I think that's a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress, so she's got to be doing something to score enough bread to drop a hundred and fifty bucks on a day dress. But whatever. Todd tells Judge Skeezeathon that Paige is still smoking the rock, and the Judge nods and asks whether both parties "submit on the evidence." Paige and Todd share a barely perceptible glance, and after a moment of hesitation, Todd announces that the state submits. Paige twitters that she also submits. I'll just bet she does.

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Line of Fire




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