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FBI. Lisa's in her office with Joseph The DA, Amiel, and Jennifer. Looks like Carla's not going to help them out, what with Amiel calling her a dirty whore and all. Jennifer doesn't think they're going to be able to flip any of those women. Joseph says that if no one is willing to testify, they can only get Judge NastyAss if he confesses. "Yeah, he can do that right after O.J. does," sniffs Amiel. Lisa shoots him the Look of Death. Joseph wonders if they can send someone undercover. Jennifer is willing, but Lisa points out that she's too recognizable in the court system. "What about the newbie?" Amiel asks, and Lisa scoffs that Paige is way too green. And those are the only two women in the entire FBI, apparently. Amiel points out that Paige went to West Point. Which is, I guess, why Jennifer was calling her "West Point" last week. "She's led troops. It doesn't matter that she's only a GS10. She's paid to do this," Amiel snaps. Lisa grinds her teeth and says nothing. Joseph wonders if they can talk the FBI into lending them some other woman. "The Bureau won't spend money to put toner in the copy machine," Lisa tells him. Joseph counters that Judge GrossMeOut is about to step down to join "a conservative think tank," and that this is their last chance to nail him. So to speak. "Lisa, come on," says Joseph. Everyone stares at Lisa for a long moment. "Fine. Let's do it," she finally says. She tells Jennifer to fetch Paige and meet her on the patio in five minutes. Everyone scurries out except Amiel, whom Lisa detains. "You're going home," Lisa tells him. He sputters something, and she tells him not to get insubordinate on her. "Your partner died," she points out wisely, adding that he totally lost his shit at Carla's. "You're taking a few days," Lisa tells him.

Split-screen to Malloy and Janet. "She said that I didn't look Irish?" Malloy yelps. Janet nods tearily. Janet, get a grip. "But I do look Polish. Polish, I could pass for. You know what she said. You know what she sad without actually saying it, right?" Malloy asks. Janet chirps that she does, and says she explained it all: "I told her that your mom wasn't Jewish, and that when your dad left, she went back to her maiden name." Malloy isn't really thrilled that Janet is outlining his background to the whole world. "I had to stand up for you," Janet snivels. Malloy snaps at her not to make excuses for him: "Do you understand the damage you've caused?" Janet just crumples, apologizing and crying that no one gets into the country club on the first try. "It's one of their snobby rules and they're a bunch of snobs. I don't even know why we want to be involved with them," she whimpers. I get that he's basically emotionally abusing her and all, but seeing this Spineless Wimpy Janet -- after last week's Sassy Albeit Tragically Barren Janet -- is very irritating. Not to mention poor characterization. "Because they are a bunch of snobs, that's why," Malloy screams at her. In a moment, he sits and apologizes. "I just feel that nobody messes with my family and my heritage and my business. Look at me. You understand that?" he asks, and Janet snuffles that she does. "Did you like that last night?" he asks. Oh, a world of ew. She sniffs that she did. Please stop talking about this. Malloy kisses Janet's forehead. "I love you," she squeaks. "Okay. This is important to me, okay?" Malloy asks. She knows. And she's sorry. And downtrodden. And spineless. And childless.

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Line of Fire




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