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Amiel and Jennifer walk down the hallway of a ratty apartment building. Jennifer invites her partner to a barbecue that weekend. "There's a game or something on," she says. Amiel makes noncommittal noises, and Jennifer finally just tells him to take a few weeks off, for Christ's sake, and he yelps at her not to patronize him, and she swears she wasn't, and you know what? I totally buy these two as partners. They have a good working chemistry.

Jennifer and Amiel eventually arrive at Carla Timmons's apartment, which is a total shithole. She's still as greasy- and morose-looking as can be. The baby wails in the background. Carla peeks out at the agents through a crack in the door, and wonders if they can do this later. Jennifer and Amiel are basically like, "Let us the fuck inside."

Inside the apartment, Amiel sits across from Carla and suggests that she do something to quiet her child, like, for example, feed it. "I need to ration things out," Carla whines. Amiel finds it hard to believe that she's rationing her baby's food, and he starts to get all in her grill about it, but Jennifer jumps in and suggests that she hold the kid for a while. Which she does, juggling the poor thing up and down and surreptitiously looking at an ugly bruise on the baby's ribcage. For his part, Amiel does not handle his line of questioning very well, asking Carla roughly and insensitively about her sexual relationship with Judge UglyNuts and getting shirty when Carla tells him that she and the judge used condoms. "It makes the case tougher when you're a collaborator in the sex," he snaps. Jennifer makes this "oh no, he di-in't" face, and Carla roughly orders them to get the hell out of her apartment, noting angrily that she doesn't appreciate being treated like a whore. Well, that went well.

So, out they go. In the hallway, Amiel yelps that the judge isn't the criminal in this situation, because Carla's letting the kid fester in there. Well, Amiel, he did make her sleep with him to get the baby back. I think they're both criminals. Jennifer makes a series of comforting sounds, and then Amiel just loses it, punching the wall, like, nine times and yelling that he's going to call Child Protective Services. "Okay. Okay, Amiel. We'll deal with it," Jennifer says calmly. "Okay, Jennifer. Deal with it!" Amiel squeals, and storms off like an eighth-grade girl.

Roy and Janet arrive at the Country Club -- Janet in her Hillary Clinton outfit, and Roy totting a lithograph of some sort. Janet meets up with the aforementioned Evangeline, who purrs that she loves the painting. "Your boy can put it back there with the other lithos," Evangeline says. "Go ahead, Roy," Janet smiles. "Yes ma'am. But then I gots to go make water, Miss Daisy," Roy drawls. No one is amused. He trots off, and Evangeline tells Janet that her application is at the committee desk, and Janet burbles about how excited she is about the club, and how Malloy's been talking about it non-stop for two years, since they got married. Evangeline tells Janet that it's going to be tough getting approved. "Most people don't get in the first time out, right," Janet says, tightly. "I keep reading about Jacob in the papers," Evangeline comments. Janet flutters her lashes. "Jonah. And the papers love to sensationalize things," she says. Evangeline twitters that sensational is good. The club likes sensational people! Sensational white Christian heterosexual people, anyway. "I saw his photo. He doesn't look very Irish. He looks more...Polish," Evangeline adds.

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