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Outside after the meeting, Jennifer pulls Amiel aside. "That guy was right," she tells him. "Bert should have known better. He should have waited for you." Amiel's all, "Whatever." No, he literally says, "Whatever." Jennifer is all, "Don't you 'whatever' me." "It's not your fault," she tells him. "You walk around with this droopy-headed guilt complex, you're gonna cease to be an effective agent. Or partner, for that matter." Amiel, along with the rest of the audience, announces that he gets it. Jennifer snaps that he had better, because they have a major interview later: "Carla Timmons. We have to flip this woman. We have to make her testify against Judge Parker." She's really working up a head of steam when Lisa steps into the fray, telling Amiel that OPR wants to see him in her office. Amiel follows Lisa all the way across the bullpen, nervously yammering that this just has to be routine, and Lisa assures him that it is just routine, like, fifty times. You can tell that she already really wants a drink. So do I, sister. So do I.

Lisa's office. Special Agent OPR. Lisa. Amiel. More talk of how this is just routine. Lisa sits at her desk and tries to decide if she'd rather have a seven and Seven or a scotch and water while Special Agent OPR questions Amiel about Bert's relationship with the perp. Amiel looks like he'd rather be digging out his own eyeball with a spoon.

We split-screen to Malloy, Roy, and Donovan at The Mob's Favorite Bar, where Malloy is interrogating a guy who has a very unfortunate speech impediment. They're talking about...I don't know, horse races? Some kind of low roller deal, which seems to be the only thing Malloy dabbles in. Malloy tells Speech Impediment that he knows people: "People, I know. And I know when they're lying to me. And I love you, Leon, but I don't believe you." Leon's in the middle of whimpering that he knows nothing about nothing, when Donovan just whips out a cleaver and chops off his finger. Blood, naturally, goes everywhere. Leon screams. Roy flinches. Malloy takes Leon by the skull and says that he knows it hurts. Well, duh: you just chopped of his entire finger. "Just tell me the truth and that'll be that with that," he says. Oy. Well, at least they're switching the tense up now. I'll take what I can get. Leon swears. I mean, he promises. Not that he curses. Although cursing wouldn't be out of line, what with the severed finger and all. He doesn't know anything. And so Malloy decides he believes Leon now. "Okay. Okay. Well, that was a clean cut. If the boys get you to the hospital in time, they ought to be able to sew it back on," he says, conversationally. Donovan wrinkles his nose up at the idea of taking Leon to the hospital, but does offer to call a cab. "Where's my finger? I can't find my finger," Leon wails, amusingly. This entire scene is somewhat amusing, actually. Roy finds the finger on the floor and retrieves it. Malloy directs him to put it on ice, but Roy thinks you're supposed to wrap it in a clean white towel. I think you wrap the wound in the towel, and the finger in the ice, but what do I know? I learn everything from TV, anyway. Leon just groans, as Roy must be wondering what, exactly, he's gotten himself into.

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Line of Fire




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