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Undercover Angel

Malloy's House of Whores. Roy waits in the living room. Jada comes in and laughs that he doesn't get a discount. He assures her that he doesn't want sex; he's just there to see Bambi. Who, on cue, emerges from one of the bedrooms in a barely closed robe. She kisses her handsome and professional-looking john goodbye, and promises to see him next time. It's true: this is a very pleasant-looking whorehouse. Roy waits for them to say goodbye, and then tells Bambi that he came to see her. Bambi's like, "Okay, but I really need to shower." "No, not for that. I just, um, I hadn't had dinner yet," Roy says, and asks if she wants to go to the diner with him. He doesn't know a lot of people in town yet. Bambi looks at the floor and says she doesn't know if that's a good idea. Of course, we saw them having breakfast at the diner just last week, but I really don't think that was supposed to have happened yet. Roy tells her that he just wants to sit across from an honest face. Oh, Roy. You're so cute. And you should know better than to get involved with someone while you're an undercover agent. Bambi tells Roy that she's got a few hours left on her shift, and she really needs the cash. She pushes her hair behind her ears, and he shoots her a toothy grin, joking, "I'm being turned down by a hooker. That's, um, pretty hard on the ego, Bambi." Bambi rolls her eyes. "Whatever, Roy," she says. My, it's certainly going to be angsty when the two of them fall in love. The doorbell rings in the background. "Your ten o'clock," Roy says, but not cruelly. "Somebody's ten o'clock," Bambi sighs. "Next time, maybe?" Roy asks, and Bambi says, "Maybe," and Roy leaves.

Three episodes, three closing musical montages! I guess there's something to be said for consistency. At the Country Club, the Malloys are chatting in formal wear with Evangeline and her husband.

Lisa sits at the end of a bar and smokes. She looks down the bar at another woman, who's also drinking alone. They share a glance. Some of the people on the boards thought this was some kind of Lesbian Thing, but it seemed to me more like a "hey, here we are, two broads, drinking alone" type thing. But I guess we'll find out soon enough, right?

At her house, Jennifer is stroking her son's hair. She kisses him on his forehead, and he asks her about her day.

Donovan picks his wife up at Malloy's House of Whores, and they head home for the day.

Paige is still typing. She looks away for a moment, and then looks right into the camera. Is that a challenge, missy? Then you better bring it. I brought down Joey Potter. I can bring you down.

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Line of Fire




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