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So, a couple of weeks ago, I got an email from the lovely and talented Gustave, telling me that he'd been contacted by Leslie Hope, whom he'd previously interviewed about 24, and who was looking forward to talking about Line Of Fire with TWoP. He told me he'd pass along her information if I wanted the interview...which, come on, of course I did. So I talked to Leslie on December 18th, me and the speaker phone sprawled on my unmade bed, and Leslie in Richmond, filming the Line Of Fire finale. And she was a complete delight -- candid and funny and very nice about the fact that I had said some very mean things about her hair. Well, you'll see: Jessica: Hi Leslie, it's Jessica from Television Without Pity. Leslie Hope: Hi, Jessica. How are you? J: It's great to talk to you. How are you? LH: Good, thanks. J: Thanks for much for speaking to me; I really appreciate it. LH: Oh, I think that site fucking rocks. I'm totally happy to talk to you guys. J: Aw, thank you so much. We love you, too, so the feeling is totally mutual. Let's talk about Line Of Fire. LH: Okay, you go first. J: Okay! I was reading your bio, and I know that you've done a lot of interesting projects between now and 24. What made you decide to come back to television? LH: Well, I'm not actually in a position where I'm choosing things. Or, I'm not exactly fielding offers, you know what I mean? J: I find that so hard to believe, I have to tell you. I mean, I believe you, but.... LH: Thank you! I am definitely like a working Joe actor, and as much as 24 might have maybe raised a recognition or profile for me within my own industry, I still had to go in and audition. J: Oh, really? LH: Yeah, yeah. I was happy to go on something like this for a couple of reasons. One, I thought [Line of Fire creator] Rod Lurie's movie The Contender was terrific. And I thought the performances in that were awesome. And I was curious to meet him and see what he was up to. And, two, when I originally went in, I went in to read for the part that Julie Ann Emery plays [Special Agent Jennifer Sampson]. J: Oh, really? LH: Yeah, I went in to play the mom, with two kids, which on paper makes a lot of sense, but I think there was something about my surly attitude that suggested to Rod that I might be better off playing someone in charge.

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