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Take The Money And Run

Previously on Line of Fire: blah blah blah.

The mean streets of Richmond. Jennifer and Paige speed down the street after a kid on a bike. "Billy!" Jennifer yells at him out the window. "I'm gonna count to three!" Billy keeps pedaling. "One! Two! Three!" Smack! She opens the car door right into his grill, and the kid goes flying into the muck. "Whoa," Paige says. Paige, she knocked him off his bike. She didn't shoot him in the face. "It's all right, I know Billy. You'll like him," Jennifer says, as Paige puts on the brakes and the girls leap out of the car. Luckily, Billy is not hurt so much as he is both muddy and irritated. Jennifer hauls him out of the mud and cuffs him, telling him that the United States of America would like to talk to him about the fact that he's stolen over four hundred cell phones. Billy stammers that he's got something to tell them that they might find more interesting. Drugs. "Coming into Norfolk," he clarifies. Paige and Jennifer exchange glances.

We split-screen to a mime. Yes, I said, "split-screen to a mime." Oh, dear God. It's only Episode Two and they're already trying to kill me. This is, apparently, a child's birthday party. As the kids frolic with the mime, Malloy is inside the cute sort of middle-class split-level house, talking to the kid's dad, who looks like the Poor Man's John Goodman. "Nice house. Really lovely," Malloy says. Tragically, he's here to take it from PMJG, who owes Malloy a whole bunch of money. PMJG isn't thrilled about this development, and offers Malloy something that's worth much more than his house. "Okay, and what would that be?" Malloy asks, like he's asking about the soup of the day. "A shipment of drugs," PMJG says.

Across town, Jennifer and Amiel are in Lisa's office talking about -- guess what? -- this shipment of drugs. Jennifer says she hasn't been able to learn anything, but Amiel tells her that Billy's tip has checked out. "So, you're telling me this three million [dollars] in drugs is for real?" Lisa asks. "It could be, yeah," Amiel says. Lisa thinks about this, and tells Jennifer and Amiel that they can have Paige and Todd and whomever else they need to get this done: "If you got three million dollars in drugs, there's three million dollars in cash waiting to buy it. I want that money. Maybe Washington will let us keep some of it." Amiel is doubtful, telling her that what goes into Washington stays in Washington. I guess that's like "Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Lisa looks thoughtful and tells him that if they dump seven figures into the bigwigs' laps, they'll probably get some of it redirected their way. She suggests that they use the dealers to lead them to the buyers and, therefore, the money. "I want that money," she announces. I didn't even know the Feds got to keep the drug money they recovered. Where does it go? To pay down the deficit? To drug programs? To the FBI Director's pension plan?

Split-screen to Malloy, who's interrogating PMJG about the self-same drug shipment. "I don't like drugs, [PMJG]," he announces. "Yeah," PMJG says, shiftily. I'd like some drugs right now, thanks, because this is mighty dry. "Drugs are a cancer. Drugs are rotting the underpinning of this country," Malloy speechifies. "A country that I love. What I like even less are drugs going through my city without me getting my cut." PMJG doesn't really have anything to say to this, except to tell Malloy that that they're talking millions, as far as this particular deal goes. "You help get the money and I forgive the loan," Malloy tells him. "Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Malloy," PMJG says. But Malloy wants collateral. And instead of giving him the deed to the house -- which was all he wanted anyway! -- PMJG lets Malloy take his little boy. Yeah, that makes sense. As Malloy escorts little Donnie out to the car, he promises the kid that "this is going to be just like camp." Yeah, crazy camp. "You can call me Uncle Jonah," Malloy continues. Mrs. PMJG looks somewhat perturbed by the fact that her husband just gave a mobster their son. But whatever. It's not like the man is even remotely threatening. He might bore the kid to death, but that's about as bad as it's gonna get for little Donnie there.

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