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Downstairs, Roy walks past Paige waiting at the bar. "Sizzles, indeed," he whispers at her as he walks by. Lisa follows a few feet behind, looking satisfied with her cigarette. Paige looks horrified, all the way down to her prim little shoes. "What?" Lisa asks. "Oh, come on," she says. And then tells Paige to come on in to work the next day.

We end with a montage, set to a cover of Bob Dylan's "Blowin' In The Wind." Paige wakes up, looking sadly at a picture of her husband. Roy walks around his apartment drinking coffee with no shirt. Donovan wakes up next to a pretty black woman (and I find it interesting that a man in an interracial relationship would use the phrase "Jew lady," but I guess we'll see where that goes) to the sound of a crying baby. Todd picks out some pastries and tells the bakery lady about his mom. Her name is Fay. I love Todd. He's cheerful, and cute. He can talk my ear off any time he likes. Sampson and her henpecked husband bicker with the kids over breakfast. Crazy Jazz sits between two agents on an airplane and gives the flight attendant the eye. Lisa walks out to her car and, with effort, manages not to light a cigarette. Paige goes for a jog, running until she can't run no more. Malloy, somewhere, talks to bunch of other boring-looking suits. At the FBI, Paige is given her gun, and fondles it lovingly before placing it in her holster. Finally, Roy visits Bert's grave and looks sad. He sure is cute, but he's one dumb plant, because if someone is following him, he's toast.

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Line of Fire




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