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Dinner. Lisa says that she read Paige's file from Quantico: "A letter of censure for, shockingly, disobeying an order." Paige yelps that she can explain. "Yeah, don't," Lisa says, swigging some hard liquor, and saying that she knows Paige is "just eager." Paige proves this by telling Lisa that she has no ties, or hobbies, and is at Lisa's service, day or night. That sound you hear is a million fanfic writers starting up their laptops. Lisa asks Paige about Todd, and Paige calls him "decent," but is distracted by a dude at the bar who's blatantly checking then out. It's Roy, who sends Lisa a drink. Paige looks appalled. "Are you really gonna drink that?" she asks, horrified. "Mmm-hmm," Lisa says, matter-of-factly. Hee. Roy comes over and takes a seat, and he and Lisa pretend they don't know each other. After some basic pleasantries, Lisa excuses herself and heads for the ladies' room. "I got to tell you, she probably sizzles in the sack," Roy whispers to Paige. "I simply wouldn't know," Paige sniffs. Roy hides a smile and leaves her, going after Lisa and looking vaguely pleased with himself.

Roy climbs the stairs and walks in on Lisa in the bathroom. She turns and tells him he was way out of line. "She is a brand-new agent!" she yelps. Toldja he was a Fed! His haircut is too nice for him to be an actual criminal. Lisa would like it if Roy started following the rules, she says. Roy says he had to talk to her: "I spent two and a half years in the joint for the Bureau..." Lisa agrees that this was way beyond the call of duty. Roy tells her that he still hasn't gotten paid for it. He is beyond broke. Lisa is, naturally, horrified, and promises to rectify this. She then explains -- for the audience's benefit, of course -- that Crazy Jazz is not so much dead as well on his way to Witness Protection. And that, of course, Grocery Lady was a plant. Roy and Lisa stare at each other. Oh, just do it and get it over with. Roy sighs that he didn't get to go to Bert's funeral. Lisa tells him it was beautiful. Silence. "You look good," she tells him. "Thanks. You look good too, by the way." Hmm, I'm taking back my suggestion that they do it, and hypothesizing that they've already done it, in the past, and they want to do it again. Roy eyes the cigarette in Lisa's mouth and wonders how many times she tried to quit while he was gone. "Twelve. It gets easier every time," she says, lighting the cig. I gotta tell you, these two have some good chemistry. If we could kill off Paige and recast Malloy, we'd have a show. Roy looks at her and nods, and goes.

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Line of Fire




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