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Previously: Bert died. None of us cared, but apparently everyone on the show does. Paige was really irritating. We learned that Dead Fed Bert Summers placed a couple of bets with Malloy's henchman, Nine Fingers Leon With the Speech Impediment.

Bakery. Roy and Donovan come to collect on the baker's bet. He doesn't have the $880 he owes them, so Roy goes apeshit and shoves the baker's face into the wedding cake he's frosting. Then he frosts the back of the guy's head and tosses his face into a vat of batter. "Oh, that's original," Donovan notes, pleased, but then calmly assures Roy that the baker is good for the cash. "No more grace periods," Roy snarls as the boys leave.

The Mob Bar. Blair's working the bar and talking to a kid about a bartending gig. Malloy sees the kid and gets his panties all in a wad. Guess this guy -- Jesse Sherwood -- was a decent college baseball player for Clemson. Malloy can't believe Jesse isn't playing ball. Jesse says he gave it a shot, but.... "How old are you?" Malloy wonders. Jesse says that he's thirty-one. Malloy says that's nothing. Well, it's pretty old to be breaking into the big leagues, Malloy. Someone who watches SportsCenter as often as you do should know that. "I know talent. Talent, I know. And talent like yours does not belong behind a bar," Malloy says. Okay. In addition to "that's that with that," I call for an end to "I know [blank]. [Blank], I know." Everyone, please make a note. Thank you. Malloy says he knows the new owner of the Mockingbirds, the AA franchise in Richmond. "You wanna try out?" Jesse hems and haws, but Malloy talks him into it. "Consider yourself in training," he says, and heads upstairs. "Nice guy, huh?" Jesse asks Blair. "Very," Blair drawls. With this, and the "self-righteous" comment about Malloy from Blair last week, I'm beginning to wonder if Blair maybe hates Malloy as much as I do. In which case: marry me, Blair.

FBI. Lisa checks in on the tech guy -- the Marshall of this show, I guess, although his name is George. He has something for her to hear, from Roy's undercover surveillance. She puts on headphones and listens. It's Leon, explaining that Dead Fed Bert Summers placed a few bets with Malloy's men. Lisa looks perplexed.

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Line of Fire




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