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Storm Drain

Ryan drives Lux to Jones's house. He opens the door, and they share a silent smile. Inside the car, Cate confesses that her elopement scheme may have just been a way to avoid dealing with the Baze-Abby drama, not to mention their 31 different flavors of family dysfunction. At the core of it, she's still afraid she might mess things up. She has realized she can't run away or gloss over the fact that Baze and Abby's relationship upset her. Ryan says he has made peace with her history with Baze. He gets why it stirred up so many emotions. He tells her she doesn't need anyone's approval, but if it makes her feel better she's got his. He throws says eloping on the coast is still an option. She suggests they go somewhere closer. Before she can say, Lux hops in the car to reports that Jones understood why she reacted so badly. That happily settled, Ryan asks where they're headed.

Could it be Baze's loft? Because that's where we go next as he gives Abby back her box of belongings. In walk Cate, Ryan and Lux with the makings for mimosas and Bloody Marys. Baze wonders why they're not on the coast, so Cate tells him they decided to get married in Portland so all their wackadoo gaggle of friends and family can come. The big day is set for two weeks. Cate says she's going to need two Maids of Honor to pull it off. They pop the champagne. Lux toasts to Cate and Ryan. Baze is the only one to echo her, and it's weirdly bittersweet.

Next week: Road trip! Cate confronts her long-lost dad, and Lux confronts Baze on his feelings for Cate.

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