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Cate heads to the other room to talk to Baze. She says she didn't mean to seem ungrateful, that's she's actually flattered. He stops her there, checking to see if Abby can hear, then admitting he lied to get her out of his sock drawer. He admits his whole ill-fated scheme to prove he's "relationship material" to himself, Lux, and Cate. He further acknowledges that he cares what Cate thinks about him. Cate bypasses the sliver of sympathetic information there and focuses on how Baze lied to her and her sister. "Wanna know what I think of you?" she asks. "Not much."

Radio station. Lux picks back up her story as she is rejected by a family for not wanting them. The irony stings. Lux now says that was that was the point when she knew she had to secure emancipation so she could no longer be cast aside. She says it was less than a year before she was handed over to Cate and Baze. She notes even more irony that she could only get what she wanted by giving up on her dream. Ryan takes in the heaviness of it all, then says he knows why she reacted how she did with Jones. She's only human, he says, and felt rejected by him, even though she didn't really want him. He urges her to explain things to Jones. Lux says she's glad Cate is marrying Ryan. He says he is, too.

Loft. Baze checks in on Abby, who is pretending to sleep. He comes clean that he lied about his feelings for Cate and finally tells her the truth that he's still trying to make things right with Cate and Lux. She was a reminder of the person he was in high school. Abby takes it pretty well, but she does throw in one more free session of psychoanalysis. She says that it's telling that his go-to lie was about Cate, that there's probably more truth to the lie than he realizes. Then we're slapped in the face by metaphor as the lights miraculously come back on. Baze lets out a self-aware chuckle.

Out in the living room, Lux has made it over and heads inside to wake up Cate, who's sleeping on Baze's couch. Lux says she and Ryan were trapped in the station all night, immediately sympathizing that Cate got a worse lot. Lux apologizes for not saying anything, but Cate says at least now she understands why Lux was mad at Baze. Lux says it's okay for Cate to be mad at Baze. Cate says she's more mad at herself for letting herself be jealous. She doesn't want to think about (or let Ryan think about) what that means. Lux echoes Ryan's advice that she's only human.

Just then Abby walks out of Baze's room. Lux excuses herself so they can talk. Abby says she felt cut off after Cate learned she was pregnant, like Cate didn't want anyone to be there for her. Cate says it was just the opposite, she wanted someone to be there, and she felt no one was. Abby tearfully says she wants to be in Cate's life again and maybe dating Baze was her misguided attempt to force her way in. Cate appreciates the candor -- and the feeling of someone wanting her again. They hug it out.

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