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Storm Drain

Speaking of, upstairs Abby pushes Cate to get her to admit she's jealous. Cate denies it. Abby decides to take another tack and go for the jugular, accusing Cate of being angry that Baze chose her over Cate. Oh, honey, get it straight. You're just a distant second place. Cate isn't as mean as I am, though, so she tells Abby that, in fact, her issue is with Abby. She has insinuated herself into Cate's life in "the most insane ways" and "taken family dysfunction to a whole new level." Abby says it's dysfunctional that Cate asked her to be Maid of Honor then tried to sneak off and elope without her. Cate doesn't hold back, saying she never asked and/or made a show of asking Abby to be her MoH. She always wanted Lux. Realization and hurt flash across Abby's face. Or maybe it's just lightning. That hussy isn't the most perceptive.

Back at the station, Lux shares more of her story with Ryan. Tasha was her only constant as she bounced around the foster system. Tasha and, as we see in another flashback, the hope that her real mom would eventually come back for her.

Loft. Baze asks the guys (since they have so much amazing relationship experience) what to do about Abby. They say in no uncertain terms to cut her loose, no matter what tactics, lies, or cruelties he must employ. "Git 'er done." Nice, guys. Real nice. There's a reason you a-holes don't have any other friends.

Because Baze is a freaking moron, he chooses not to wait until they're not stuck in a storm to break it off with Abby. He acknowledges the tension it's causing with Cate. Abby counters that he's always in some sort of dramatic situation with Cate. Strike one. He turns to the sock drawer and says they're moving too fast. She dredges up her memories of Psych 101, saying he's just afraid to have her because he's afraid to lose her. Strike two. He tries to just give it to her straight and say he can't do it. She demands a valid reason. He grabs the first, most problematic lie he can think of and claims he has feelings for Cate. And guess who walks in on the bloodbath just then? Hint: Rhymes with "fabricate."

Cate can't believe (and she shouldn't) Baze's confession. She freaks out how this is going to impact the dynamic of their relationship, the custody sharing with Lux, and most importantly her relationship with still-jealous Ryan. Abby explodes at Cate, saying she manages to find a way to bitch about Baze regardless of the circumstance. Fair point. Baze excuses himself. Abby lays into Cate for having feelings for Baze herself, saying Baze's confession wouldn't matter to her if she didn't. She throws her stuff against the wall and falls onto the bed. She composes herself and tells Cate the least she can do is appreciate what Baze just said.

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