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Storm Drain

Baze's. The roof is leaking, the guys take the opportunity to express their unhappiness with Abby's sudden move-in as they put down pans to catch the drips. Baze assures them it's no different from his other girlfriends who spent the night, but the Jersey Shore marathon on the DVR begs to differ. Math finally gets to the point I expected him to make a while ago -- Baze's decision to date Cate's sister is not only stupid but possibly cataclysmic for the long-term possibility of success in this weird little family he's got going. On cue, Abby walks in and tells Baze she changed her relationship status online and needs him to confirm. A split-second later, Cate comes in from the maelstrom. She barely acknowledges Abby, save a snotty look, and says she's here to pick up Lux. Baze tells her Lux is out, and Cate grows increasingly frantic as the news reports about road shutdowns make it clear she is not getting out of town tonight. Baze wonders why she's so worked up, so she spills that she and Ryan are eloping. Baze looks confused, incredulous. Says Math, "You can't. We're stuck." Then the power goes.

They light candles as Cate bitches about being trapped -- and with no phone service, at that. She says it's all Baze's fault, and he takes it in stride because she has clearly hopped aboard the crazy train at this point. Abby barrels full-speed into the most contentious subject possible, saying she would have never gotten married without Cate. Math takes that as a cue to ask the guys to come "look for a leak" he hears somewhere else in the loft.

Meanwhile, Ryan has rescued Lux and taken her with him to the radio station, saying it was lucky Jones lives so close that they could take shelter. Lux sits down at the mic, and he "interviews" her about what's getting her down. Lux lays out what happened with Jones, saying she doesn't know why she got jealous. Ryan jokes that she's a chip off the old block for her "irrational, inexplicable jealousy." She affirms that she's with Bug and wants to be with him. She gives their back story: They've been together, on and off, for a couple of years. Tasha introduced them, and he five-finger discounted a Slurpie for her on their first date. Ah, ragamuffin teen romance! Lux throws in her background with Tasha, now with more flashbacks! Long story short, they met at Sunnyvale when they were both seven, and Tasha was the first person Lux could truly count on.

Back at the bar, Baze and his boys have retreated downstairs. Math and The Other One put it to Baze that he's in over his head with Abby. It seems the DVR's not all she's hijacked. There's now a meditation corner in their frat den. Math asks why Baze has such impeccably bad taste, choosing the one worst person in the world to sleep with. Baze says Lux walked out on him because she saw his thing with Abby as a fling, so he wanted to prove that he could be part of something real -- "like Cate and Ryan." Of course, Math points out, that still doesn't justify why it had to be Abby. Frankly, she's pretty friggin' annoying and dangerously out-of-touch for a therapist. And not what Baze really wants.

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