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Storm Drain

That night, Lux finds herself in a game of Suck & Blow at Jones's party. Très Clueless! Jones pulls an Elton and removes the card from his lips before passing it Lux, forcing them into a lip lock. She asks what that was about since he knows she's with Bug. He admits he still has feelings for her but promises to back off. She tries to leave, but he convinces her to stay.

Meanwhile, Cate and Ryan are both sampling many "flavors of dysfunction" (© Tamra Barney 2010), and let me tell you, their families offer a real smorgasbord. Cate is arguing with her mother about Abby's place in the seating arrangement. Ryan has a creepy uncle Walter and a bad memory of turducken to contend with. The storm knocks out their reception and they collapse onto the couch together from the stress of it all. Cate rattles off all their family issues and gets swept up in the notion of running off with Lux and eloping immediately, if not sooner. Ryan is game. Impressive, considering the ringer Cate has put him through. Though I suppose there literally isn't one more thing she could screw up, so now's as good a time as any.

Cate starts making calls to book their rooms at a bed and breakfast on the coast that can marry them the next morning if the weather permits. Ryan's excitement builds as he packs. Cate heads off to collect Lux from Baze's while Ryan offers to finish packing. It seems painfully obvious this arrangement should be the other way around, but then we wouldn't have the anvilicious drama to come, now would we? The soon-to-be-newlyweds share a kiss filled with hope as they part ways. Hold on to that memory, kids. Tonight could be a real doozy.

Back at Jones's, Lux is wandering around in search of a bathroom. Instead, she finds Jones sucking face with some random on his parents' washer. She overreacts, yelling, "Oh my God!" before running out of the room. Jones follows her and spells it out that she straight-up rejected him and therefore he had no reason to wait around, nor did she have any reason to be hurt or think he was trying to make her jealous (by discreetly making out in a room where he could have never expected her to walk into, mind you). But then he loses it by taking the low road and sticking it to her: "It's not like we're going to Winter Formal later, and I just slept with someone." Oh, Jones, why'd you have to go there? The facts stood for themselves. Lux didn't have a leg to stand on in making this all about her, and you just gave her one. Party foul, buddy. Jones wonders why she's so upset, but she screams at him and storms out... into the storm. From the frying pan into the fire, as they say.

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Life Unexpected




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