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Storm Drain
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Previously: The family endured an intense therapy session that simultaneously ripped them apart and brought them closer together. Lux, too, was torn between Bug and Jones. And Baze tore it up in the bedroom with Cate's sister Abby before deciding to give monogamy a shot. Now there are pieces aplenty to pick up on all fronts.

It's a particularly dreary morning in Portland, and a storm seems to be a-brewin'. Luckily, Cate and Ryan are uncharacteristically lying in bed, happy as clams, and listening to a repeat of their show in the background. Across town, Baze wakes up to find Abby moving some of her stuff into his sock drawer. Premature much? He pulls her back into bed, mainly to avoid getting girly panties mixed up with his boxers. Meanwhile, Cate brings Ryan breakfast in bed. Or, should I say, a proposal in bed. He agrees to marry her. Again.

Westmonte. Jones is giving Lux the silent treatment after the dance debacle. He's pretty worthless at it, though, because it only takes about two sentences from her before he's inviting her over to a party he's throwing that night, since his parents have left town. He snarks that she should bring her boyfriend, because it's been too long. Honestly, he's being a pretty good sport about the whole thing.

Back at the house, Cate and Ryan look at a website that espouses to simplify the wedding planning process with an easy (250-item) checklist. Ryan is surprised that Cate's getting into the whole bride thing. She says she's turned over a new leaf, and it's a sign of her commitment. She scans down the list to see the check for "Choose Maid of Honor." She wonders if Lux will say yes. I wonder what her floozy of a sister will think getting snubbed for the newbie like that. That afternoon, Cate's dolled up in the dress from the wedding expo as she asks Lux to be her MoH. Lux is honored by the request. Cate moves on to whether her dress might have bad mojo.

Before Lux answers, the phone rings. On the other end is Abby, bitching that Cate has kept her out of the loop with her many engagements, un-engagements, and re-engagements. Honestly, I'm barely in the loop, and I write this crap down. So don't feel so bad, sister who only shows up to make horrible decisions and give dreadfully awkward sex talks. Abby whines that she heard the news in a voicemail from their mother and that it's like they're not even sisters. Cate says she heard Abby's been "shacking up with some mystery man" of late. Lux takes that as her cue to exit as fast as humanly possible. Cate extends the offers that mystery man can be Abby's plus-one, and Abby sidesteps that disaster-in-wait by saying she'll probably be too busy with her Maid of Honor duties. Cate grimaces as Abby starts planning the bridal shower.

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